Jaybird X4 Goes on Sale at Amazon; Amazingly Cheapest Price Ever

Jaybird X4 Goes on Sale at Amazon; Amazingly Cheapest Price Ever
Jaybird X4 Goes on Sale at Amazon; Amazingly Cheapest Price Ever Photo : Jaybird

The Jaybird X4 usually sells for £109.99. But now, Amazon sells it for only £59.97. That's an awesome saving of almost half the device's original price. The holiday season is just around the corner but if you're too excited to get a pair of good wireless buds, this one's definitely a good choice. Additionally, given their discounted price, the Jaybird X4 is also a good alternative for gym rats who are budget-conscious.

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Jaybird X4 specs

With an IPX7 water resistance rating and a really secure fit, these wireless earbuds are really a good option when looking for running headphones. This means that the wireless earbuds can easily plow through sweat and rain.

The X4 only weighs just over half an ounce. It is so light that there'll be moments you'll have a mini-heart attack because you might think you've lost them while they're in your pockets.

Once they're comfortably lodged in your ears, their (light) weight gives a listening experience that is not fatigue-inducing, especially when they're being used for long periods of time. The X4 comes with three differently sized silicone ear caps and three more silicone ear fins for a personalized fit. Choosing the best fit among the six choices ensures that the Jaybird X4 will stay in place in your ears where they should be. No amount of jogging, head banging, or household chores would shake them off.

The earbuds have an eight-hour battery life. It's not the best compared to other options that are currently available. However, having that much of juice is already enough to cover you throughout your entire day of workout and other fitness-related activities.

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Jaybird's in-ear audio devices have always been really good when it comes to overall sound reproduction. The X4 headset is by no means an exception. The pair of wireless earbuds features an ample amount of punchy-sounding extra bass. The bass quality isn't extra-ordinary but it complements other frequencies without mudding or overpowering them. It also sports forward-sounding vocals and crispy mids and highs. This configuration really gets you pumped up when doing quick runs and gym workouts.

But you can't really have it all. The X4 wasn't really that good in terms of audio calls. For the person on the other end of the line to clearly hear the conversation, the X4's in-line control pod should be placed directly next to the speaker's mouth. Clearly, this isn't a hands-free experience.

Jaybird X4 availability

Amazon Prime Day would likely occur in mid-October. This means these earbuds' price could even go much lower. If you're not up for the wait, the Jaybird X4's discounted price in Amazon is already a good steal. If you're up and about looking for running headphones right away, we'd recommend taking advantage of this deal.

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