FIFA 21 Ratings: Top 5 Shocking & Crazy Facts That Make No Sense

Just like FIFA's annual tradition, fans are crazy over FIFA 21 ratings before its release. EA claimed to have a pool of dedicated scouts worldwide to collect the players' data from over 30 leagues. However, some of these ratings are straight-up nonsense. 

Love it or loathe it, here are the top five FIFA 21 ratings that make zero sense. 

Romelu Lukaku of Inter Milan (85 FIFA 21 Rating)

Since he departed from Manchester United, Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku has been the backbone of Internazionale Milan's attack. Last season, Big Rom scored 34 goals from 51 appearances from every competition. He helped Inter reach the UEFA Europa League final. 

On top of that, he even tied Ronaldo 'El Fenomeno' Nazario's record for most goals in Inter's debut season. 

That said, an 85 rating in FIFA 21 is a downright crime for such an impactful player. Romelu Lukaku deserves at least 87!

Alphonso Davies of Bayern Munich (81 FIFA 21 Rating)

Alphonso Davies was in everyone's lips last season, immensely when he helped Bayern Munich win a treble in a dazzling display. A solid fullback with thunderbolt speed & attacking mentality, Alphonso Davies is all the modern world of game needs.

Alphonso Davies signed a multimillion deal with FIFA's competitor, Pro Evolution Soccer series. Maybe that explains much why his FIFA 21 rating is so low. He should at least have 82 or 83!

Pierre Aubameyang of Arsenal (87)

It makes total sense if EA decides to downgrade a player rating when he has a lackluster season, but why did they downgrade Aubameyang's rating? He netted 22 goals in the Premier League. Somehow, EA downgraded his stats from 88 to 87!

The only player who scored more than the Gunner forward was Leicester's, Jamie Vardy. He took home the last season's golden boot award with 23 goals. 

Timo Werner of Chelsea (85)

A player rating is typically determined by their last season performance & their club & league's popularity.

Timo Werner, however, has all three points. The German scored 28 goals in 34 appearances for RB Leipzig last season. He finished last season as the second top scorer of the league behind Robert Lewandowski. He also secured a big-money move worth of €53m to Chelsea. Why on earth did EA downgrade his rating?

Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund (87 OVR rating with 83 pace)

This player is another case of a ridiculous downgrade. BVB man Jadon Sancho has all the elements to tear any defensive line apart. He has steady dribbling, hawkeye vision, and, most importantly, speed. Ultimately, his crazy pace and precise decision-making make the former Manchester City player one of the fastest league players.

It didn't impress FIFA's scouting pool. Jadon Sancho has an upgrade to 87 overall ratings, but his pace is severely downgraded from 88 to 83. How is that fair for such an electrifying player? He scored 17 goals and 17 assists last season!

Until EA pays attention to the beautiful game itself, the list could go on and on for years to come. 

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