NASA and US Space Force Establish Partnership In "human spaceflight”

NASA and United Space Force
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NASA and US Space Force have joined hands. The two entities have signed a memorandum of understanding. They intend to pursue future space missions together. They'll also work on moon trips and planetary defense. NASA is working on the Artemis program. The agency wants to return humans to the moon by 2024. The partnership comes at an ideal time. This follows the formation of the United States Space Force in December 2019.  

The two agencies have signed a memorandum of understanding. They will work together in different programs. They will pursue space transportation, US space policy, and safe operations in space. US Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. John "Jay" Raymond confirmed this. They will also work on planetary defense and scientific research. The MOU brings in collaboration. Their partnership will improve scientific discovery. It will also boost space exploration. 

US Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. John "Jay" Raymond said the partnership is very crucial. The two share data and work together as a team. This fast tracks the achievement of objectives. The collaboration between these agencies adds on to our National power. This power comprises economic, diplomatic, military, and informational power. 

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NASA has worked with other agencies before. The agency wants to commercialize space. The International Space Station is part of the ongoing programs. The two entities form a tool of diplomacy.

The Outer Space Treaty

The MOU will have the two abide to the Outer Space Treaty . They're also working on a set of acceptable norms. This will improve their collaboration. It will also help them in space missions. Companies and space agencies will also partner with the agency. This will create a sustainable space for the sake of humanity. This will enhance the well being of all. It will also enhance NASA and US Space Force operations.

Space lacks defined boundaries. This creates complexities in legal jurisdiction. This is why the Outer Space Treaty was introduced. It contains policies on space exploration. Several nations have signed the treaty. International cooperation promotes space programs.

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NASA and US Space Force will enforce space law. This involves weapons in space and property right. Space law is hard to define and enforce. Private companies are taking part in space exploration. This has created opportunities and challenges. Technology is also advancing. This reflects the changes in national priorities.

This MOU was discussed on Sept. 22 at Mitchell Institute virtual event. The agreement commits the two entities. This will advance planetary defense and scientific research and improve space operations and policies. This will promote the peaceful usage of outer space.

The MOU replaces an agreement signed 14 years ago. The agreement involved US Air Force and NASA. The two exchanged research and information. They also worked on long-term projects. NASA and US Space Force will play a crucial role in securing space. This will improve humanity's well being. 

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