Infiniti 2021 QX60 Slick Design Concept

Infiniti QX60
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Infiniti has released the 2021 QX60 Monograph. The concept shows a redesigned look. Its production version will be released next year. The concept is different from previous models. Its predecessors had an aggressive and imposing look. The design features elements from the original Infiniti FX line and European flavor.

The Infiniti 2021 QX60 concept is a complete transformation. It provides insight into how future models will look. This applies to the design elements and proportions. The re-design comes at an opportune time for the QX60. It signifies a change in architectural and sculptural viewpoint. The Infiniti 2021 QX60 also changes the tonality of the QX60. It features straight shoulder lines through-out the hood, The grille is high and looks prominent. The cabin looks longer and muscular. The car has a commanding presence.

The Infiniti 2021 QX60 Concept's Exterior

The exterior of the Infiniti 2021 QX60 conveys an image of excellence. The rear lighting and the slick headlamps are well integrated. All the details blend in a single wrap-around. The exterior gives us a clear look at what's coming. However, it looks futuristic and wild.

The Infiniti 2021 QX60 made its debut on Thursday 24th September. However, the concept doesn't have an interior. The same applies to powertrain details.

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The sloping roofline reminds me of Land Rover Range Rover Velar. The LED tail-lamps have a segmented light signature. The light segments form a Digital Piano Key. This forms eyebrows throughout the headlamps. The concept also features a "kimono fold pattern" on the panoramic roof. These geometric features form a neat pattern. Overhead shots reveal the intricate perpendicular lines. This creates an assertive stance on the concept's design.

The Infiniti 2021 QX60 concept comes with a pronounced grille. It adopts chrome styling and a trapezoidal shape. The grille is also big. The narrow headlights give the car an aggressive look. However, the concept drops the lower lights. The clean futuristic look is impressive. The door handles are retractable. They blend in with the smooth surface. The taillights lie flush with the body. The floating roofline gives the car an eye-catching look.

The Infiniti 2021 QX60 proportions give it a trucklike feel. This is different from the previous models. Its windshield pushes back. This gives it a bigger look. The hood gives an imposing look. The concept resembles the Range Rover Velar and the Lincoln Aviator. However, it's different from the old models.

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The current QX60 features a 295-hp V-6 engine. It comes with a CVT transmission. The Infiniti 2021 QX60 will upgrade on these specs. The variable-compression turbocharged four-cylinder is a likely candidate. Else, the 400-hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 from the Q50 Red Sport might be the one. Whichever the case, we expect a seven- or eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Infiniti 2021 QX60 pricing is yet to be released. However, it should be about $45,000 and $55,000. However, the Infiniti 2021 QX60 Slick design concept is unmatched. The production version will be unveiled in 2021. Till then we just have to wait. If anything comes up, we'll let you know.

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