Awesome Bluetooth Headphones Under $50: Cable-free Convenience for Everyone

Awesome Bluetooth Headphones Under $50: Cable-free Convenience for Everyone
Awesome Bluetooth Headphones Under $50: Cable-free Convenience for Everyone Photo : C D-X

Bluetooth headphones under $50 used to be only a dream. Almost a decade ago, having a wireless pair of headphones was often only reserved for the dedicated audiophile. Most of us wired-headphones peasants were either too poor or clueless of the benefits brought by having a cable-free pair of headphones. Back then, scoring wireless headphones was really costly. There was no such thing as Bluetooth headphones under $50. But as years went by and as technology continuously progressed, nowadays, getting a pair isn't usually reserved for just a niche group of audio connoisseurs.

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Bluetooth headphones under $50: Quick list

Here's a quick list of Bluetooth headphones: 


In this age where most audio gears flaunt themselves as having excellent bass reproduction, the COWIN E7 has a sound signature that's purely focused on bass. The rumble and thump appear to have been tuned on purpose to be a bit more than what the bass should've sounded on any given track. Worry not though, the mid-range has also received the same treatment. This configuration makes the COWIN E7 really loud.

What's more surprising is that given the price range, these headphones have active noise cancellation (ANC). It can't surely beat the ANC features of premium headphones like what Sony offers but we're talking about Bluetooth headphones under $50 here. But that's not all. This pair can go on for up to 30 hours with just a single full charge. This writer's Sony XB-950N1 only stays on for around 21 hours.

Since they're headphones, expect that the E7's are quite on the heavier side. But it doesn't make them uncomfortable to wear though.

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TaoTronics SoundSurge 90

This one focuses on ANC. Again, like the E7's, this pair can't really go toe to toe with premium models but given the price, we can safely say they're capable of doing the job well. The SoundSurge 90 is able to handle low-frequency sounds although it struggles cancelling out higher-pitched tones.

It's also bass-centered although the treble is also boosted to kind of balance everything out. Battery life is also superb at 35 hours on just a single charge. Turn the ANC on and users will still be treated to 30 hours of non-stop playback. Belonging to Bluetooth headphones under $50, it's really surprising that this pair has support for fast charging via USB-C. It will only take the headphones 45 minutes to go from zero to full.

Tribit XFree Tune

If you're looking for a pair of ear cans that would only seldomly require charging, this one's it. The XFree Tune boasts of 40 hours on just a single charge. Imagine charging your headphones once a week and using it everyday for around 8 hours. The convenience this pair offers can't really be denied. There's no USB-C support but as long as it's not using any proprietary charging cable, we're fine with it. Being part of Bluetooth headphones under $50, the XFree Tune has deep and punchy bass, equally boosted treble, and balanced mid-range.

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