BTS Story Universe Is Out! Here's What Army's Must-Have Game Offers

BTS Story Universe has been released on September 26th, and it is a must-have for every Army.

BTS Story Universe is available for free on Android & iOS, and this is Netmarble's second BTS game.

"BTS Universe Story is the second game Netmarble has made in collaboration with the boy band after BTS World," the developer said as The Jakarta Post reported.

"The new game offers 'story creation mode' where in-game production tools allow players to create their own plot lines and 'story playthrough' mode where players can choose between a variety of options to personalize the story."

The first, BTS World, was released in 2019. Rather than following the members' story, BTS World is more centered around their manager as they go through the journey of fame.

In fact, BTS boys are familiar with video games. Several high-end titles, including StarCraft, League of Legends, Overwatch, and MapleStory, are among the boys' favorites.

If you're looking to create your own fantasy story in BTS, look no further! Here's what you can do on the newest, long-anticipated BTS mobile game.

Pick A BTS Member or Customize Your Own Hero In BTS Story Universe?

BTS Story Universe lets you pick a member or customize your own hero with an option to capture your own AR photos. You can also choose a woman character in the custom, so why not give it a try?

With 'Collection' mode, the game takes you to personalize your preferred outfits. However, you may have to purchase Jewels, the in-game currency, to get high-quality items from the shop. You can either buy with real-life money or grind your way to the top.

Choose Your Dialogue Wisely

Did we mention that BTS Universe Story is an interactive game? That said, every dialogue you choose impacts your endgame. It's a trial-and-error venture, and you wouldn't understand the consequence of each branch unless you give it a try.

Set in an alternate reality, the story mode lets you play as one of the boys. With plenty of dialogue choices, the game enables you to carve the path of each character.

On top of that, you're also free to redo the story once you're done to explore other pathways. Just keep trying until it works!

Create Your Own Story

Or, if you're a creative mind, why don't you shape the story from scratch? A 'totally personalized story-creation system' lets you build your own epic narrative with expert tools.

Impressively, you can also share your fan-fic story with the world. Top writers get lucrative in-game currency as rewards, and it allows you to read others' stories. It may sound silly, but who knows? It's worth a shot.

With 'Tickets,' you can experience fan-made stories. Tickets can be purchased with Jewels. Each episode costs a single Ticket, and needless to say, it's a fantastic experience.

BTS Universe Story is available worldwide for iOS and Android for free. In-app purchases for Jewels and unlockable storylines are available.

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