4 Reasons You Should Never Use the Public WIFI

4 Reasons You Should Never Use the Public WIFI
Photo : 4 Reasons You Should Never Use the Public WIFI

In simple words, cybersecurity is the biggest concern if you have plans to use public WIFI. Especially if you have a lot of sensitive data on your phone, there is a high chance that you will lose hold of it. You never know when a hacker might encrypt your data and steal everything valuable from your device. Even if you are following the safe practices for your device, it is still best for you to avoid public WIFI. The most intriguing thing to note about the people who use public WIFI is, they don't have a strong reason to use it. All they want is to kill time and upload Snapchat stories. So when you're out and about, it is in your best interest to enjoy the world around instead of frequently checking your phone. So here, in this feature, we will guide you through a few strong reasons to not use the public WIFI:

1.   The Middle Man

If you don't know, the most common type of WIFI threat is the middle man attack. You should know that hackers will steal your information through eavesdropping. Because you're using the public WIFI to interact with a friend of yours, hackers will intercept those messages easily. In reality, it seems as if nothing has happened, but the truth is told, you are losing a major part of your information at that time. For example, If your device is operated with a public WIFI and you're logging in your bank details, they will quickly get traced by the hackers.

2.   Many People Get Infected

Let's say you are working in a café, and the other person around doesn't have a patron. This way, they will easily increase the chances of your mobile phone getting hacked as well. If you are aware of the concept called worms, you will know that it is a situation where the virus jumps from one device to the other. This can be much worse than your nightmare if you don't assume control of the situation on time. Worms can easily disrupt a lot of information and put several devices at stake.

3.   Criminal Activity

In today's time, cybercrime is omnipresent and all over the place. No matter how protected our device is, there is always a chance of a ransomware or phishing attack close to your phone. Most hackers will change the display of a website in a way that it looks exactly like the actual one. So if you log in to your account, your details will automatically sift through the web and reach the hackers. Keep in mind, if this happens, there is a high chance that the hacker will assume control over your phone and every app installed in it. So it is best for you to install the rangextd in your home and use the home WIFI instead of relying on the public one.

4.   Endpoint Attacks

If you don't know, the endpoint is known as a device that is connected with the LAN or WAN. It is responsible for collecting the information back and forth. Today, the endpoint is used as network security that works as a firewall. However, when you go the extra mile to move out of your comfort zone, hackers can easily benefit from fake websites and varying landing pages. This allows them to plan a stronger attack against your system. So it is best if you can avoid the public WIFI when going out. Even if you are sifting through the most sought after brand in the market and relying on their public WIFI, it will be nothing less than a foolish decision of yours.

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