What are QR Codes and Why are they Becoming a thing Again

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak this year, QR codes have paved its way to popularity, becoming a daily vital tool. During the pandemic, QR codes were used mostly in contact tracing, contactless forms and restaurant menus. 

In the past, QR codes were integrated among product packaging and marketing materials. As QR codes are integrated in a modern way, people start using them.

Thanks to the existence of competing QR code generators, freer services are offered and users can use QR codes for business without spending more.

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Static vs Dynamic QR Codes 

When opting for free QR codes generator service, users are getting a static QR code and get limited opportunities. If users opt for a paid QR code generator, greater opportunities can be reap through the use of dynamic QR codes. Through this, they can anytime update their content without the need of generating new ones, track important scanning data and save time and resources their QR code campaign using a dynamic QR code generator online. 

Are Static QR Codes Useless?

Despite the limitations brought by static QR codes, they are not completely useless. They are somewhat usable, and is enough to get a QR code campaign started.

Short-Term Use

Since the content of static QR codes are permanent, users can't use them in huge posters on stores and have a long-term promotional campaign. Instead, put them on packaging for limited time offers and discounts.

Promote Content

Static QR codes can also be conveniently used to promote products and other forms of content that are not bound to disappear or expire anytime. Through this, users can direct your customers with a permanent website.

What Changes Happen when you upgrade to Dynamic QR Codes?

Manpower Convenience

The biggest change when shifting from static to dynamic QR code would be its convenience. By keeping the old QR codes, users can simply repurpose it by updating its content and don't have to print new ones. 


With its ability to repurpose old QR codes, people can save more resources. 

Larger Campaigns and Programs

Static QR codes are cannot be updated. Because of it, limited campaigns and programs are can be implemented. But, with dynamic QR codes, people can host large QR code campaigns.

Which QR Codes Generator to Choose

Not all QR codes generators are created equal. Some get frustrated using one but later the other one simple to use. So, how can we find a great QR code generator?

Provides Choices

With current QR code innovations, users convert different content types and set scan limitations and content changing. Through the help of a QR code generator that provide multiple choices, users can make the best out of their QR code campaign. Because of this, they can integrate multiple uses that they can think of.

Ease of Use

One thing users should always look at a QR code generator is its ease of use. Because of that, they always ensure that it is easy to use that even a kid who just held a computer can immediately start making QR codes just like QR code Tiger. In this way, they will not struggle in generating their QR codes and make one in less than 10 minutes.

Pricing is A Key Factor

Not all QR codes generators are the same. Some pricings are expensive and some are cheap. But, cheaper isn't always better. To get the value for money, a QR codes generator should have a multitude of features for an affordable price. 

Let's Talk Design

As most just settle with the traditional black and white look, they forget the pertinence of design. Because of it, their QR codes don't stand a chance for scanning. As we are looking forward, a QR code with great design piques people's attention. By choosing the color, the pixel pattern, and even the frame, users can make things better. QR code tiger is a QR code generator with logo, which allows users to personalize their QR code.

The Saturated Market

As QR codes are making a comeback, companies are adopting its usage. With the rise in QR code usage, the rise of different QR codes generator increases. As a result, users are getting struggling in choosing the best QR Code generator online.

Using QR codes doesn't necessarily mean an expensive or difficult pursuit. Even if you don't have the time and money to spend for more marketing campaigns or learn something new, implementing QR codes is still possible. 

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