Game Guide: How to Find the Magnum In Resident Evil 3

Magnum in Resident Evil 3 is such an iconic weapon to eliminate any Infected creature and smoothen your way in the catastrophic city of Raccoon. Here's how to get 44 AE MAG in Resident Evil 3.

Finding every single weapon in Resident Evil games is no easy task. There are at least ten collectible weapons in Resident Evil 3 Remake. One of them is a powerful Magnum. It's highly practical to take down a zombie with only a single shot.

In this article, we'll guide you on finding this lethal weapon for your arsenal and craft its ammo.

How to Find the Magnum In Resident Evil 3 at the Hospital Courtyard With Jill

After taking Jill to the hospital to cure her infection, Carlos has to connect the dots to find the vaccine.

Now, you can not get the Mag with Carlos. His physique is too bulky to slide through a tiny space. You may proceed until you get to play as Jill again.

The game wants you to proceed to the bottom level, but don't do that.

Instead, go upstairs to 2F and head over the Nurse's Station. You'll find a small gap under a stack of hospital pieces of equipment blocking your way. Unlike Carlos, Jill is slim enough to crawl through it.

After that, drop down to the Courtyard through the open window and find a silver case. Your powerful Magnum is waiting to be picked up.

While you're at it, you can also check for loot boxes and locked cases to upgrade your arsenal before moving forward with the story.

Crafting Magnum Ammo

To craft ammo for your Magnum, you need to combine two High-Grade Gunpowders. If you've purchased a Crafting Companion for 4000P from the Shop, it will give you a massive boost in crafting Magnum ammo.

High-Grade Gunpowders are scattered all over the place. You can find one High-Grade Gunpowder at Hospital (2F), two in the Underground Storage, one in NEST 2 1F, and two in NEST 2 2F.

Please bear in mind that High-Grade Gunpowders are pretty rare to come by, so use it responsibly.

Magnum has a capacity of eight bullets, yet it's highly potent. Even Pale Heads, who are almost immune to small-caliber bullets, can be quickly taken down with Magnum.

Finding Extended Barrel For Magnum

Extended Barrel lets you shoot in a better efficiency with your Magnum. It increases damage, reduces recoil, and gives a massive boost to bullets.

To find the Extended Barrel, head over the Surveillance Room in the Underground Storage after finding all the 3 Fuses. Find a silver case underneath the control panels, and you're good to go.

Kendo's Armory

If you manage to collect Magnum and all the other nine weapons, you'll get a trophy called Kendo's Armory. Other weapons are G18 Handgun, MGL Grenade Launder, and M3 Shotgun.

Also, keep in mind that weapons bought from the Shop do not count.

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