Skullcandy Jib True: Ultra-Cheap True Wireless Earbuds for Everyone

Skullcandy Jib True: Ultra-Cheap True Wireless Earbuds for Everyone
Skullcandy Jib True: Ultra-Cheap True Wireless Earbuds for Everyone Photo :

The Skullcandy Jib True is priced at $30. This undoubtedly makes it one of the cheapest true wireless pair of earbuds that's currently out in the market. Yes, there are even cheaper options out there but remember that this pair is a product that comes from a fairly popular and recognized brand.

Since the wireless revolution started, we've been seeing devices getting smaller and smaller without compromising too much on their features, especially when it comes to being one-hundred-percent wireless. However, one factor that drives consumers away from adapting such development is often the price.

Jessica Klodnicki, CMO of Skullcandy, says, "We're so excited to be bringing this incredible update to our Jib franchise. For those looking to try out true wireless earbuds for the first time and at an affordable price, Jib True is it. We've packed it with all the essential, must-have features, and we can't wait for people to start listening without anything holding them back!"

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Skullcandy Jib True: Advantages minus the high price

If you love the idea of having zero cables, then true wireless earbuds are for you. With each earpiece having a built-in battery, a pair of these will ensure that no cables will get in the way whenever you're doing your regular exercise routines. Originally, Apple made this product category popular via its AirPods. Since then, many other brands have taken a stab at providing consumers with truly wireless audio-listening solutions.

Nowadays, many of these wireless earbuds are quite pricey. Despite being categorized as budget alternatives, such models that fall under the category still have a price tag that falls around $69 USD and $99 USD. Skullcandy Jib True is an exception though. It has basic features like dual microphones and can be used with only one earbud. The pair of wireless earbuds offer six hours of battery life while its charging case provides an extra 16 hours of playback. Given its price range, basic built-in controls are also available like pausing and skipping. At the moment, the company is offering the Jib True in either a traditional black colorway or a refreshing blue-and-yellow color option.

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Nowadays, most wireless earbuds are often used by consumers who have an active lifestyle. Worry not then since the Jib True has a water- and sweat-resistant design. It comes with an IPX4 rating out of the box. Skullcandy also mentions that its wireless earbuds have a noise-isolating fit. It's unclear yet if the pair offers active noise cancellation (ANC) but its design offers a good "seal" when placed properly inside your ears.

For just $29.99, the Skullcandy Jib True wireless earbuds are now up for grabs. To sweeten the deal, the company is even willing to replace a missing or broken earpiece, albeit at a discount once the need arises.

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