Android 11 Awesome Features Worth Trying

Android 11 Awesome Features Worth Trying
Android 11 Awesome Features Worth Trying Photo : Matam Jaswanth

Android 11 isn't really that huge of an update to the mobile operating system's previous version but there are certain welcome changes and features. These new additions will be at the disposal of those who will be able to update their Android devices to the latest OS version.

Android 11 new features

Dark mode: ON

Dark themes, aside from looking cool, cause less strain to our eyes. If your device has an OLED screen, having a dark UI also saves a little on battery life. Android 11 can now schedule automatic shifting between light and dark themes. You can automatically set your favorite dark theme to take effect once the sun sets.

Just access your Quick Settings menu and tap the Dark theme icon. You'll be given the option to select your preferred schedule on when dark mode will be implemented on your Android device.

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The power button now has more power

Aside from simply being able to turn off or restart your phone, pressing and holding the power button launches a new screen. This comes with a host of new options like a Google Pay shortcut.

There's also a new Home section that lists up to six of your connected smart devices. This gives instant access and controls for your lights, door lock, and garage door among other things.

Focus on the more important conversations

The digital age has bombarded our devices with so much information and updates at our fingertips that most of the time, we tend to overlook those that matter.

This is the main reason why Android 11 has included a new conversations tab. Once users swipe down from their home screen, they'll be greeted by two columns-one for notifications, and another for conversations. Having this categorization allows the user to check at a glance if they received an urgent message without having to sift through other app notifications.

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Chat bubbles have arrived

If you're a fan of how Facebook Messenger handles messages through chat bubbles, you'll enjoy Android 11's latest update for supported apps. Once you get a new message, check it from your quick notification panel. If the app you're using is supported, you'll be able to see a tiny circle near the notification's bottom-right part. Just tap it and you'll be given the choice of interacting with your friends via a chat bubble that stays on top of any other active app on your phone's screen. If you want to get rid of it, just press and hold on the bubble. Drag it to the "X" that will appear on the bottom of the screen. It's just similar to removing an app or widget on your home screen.

Better media controls

Android 10 and previous versions had issues with a sort of cluttered and intrusive media controls. Thankfully, Android 11 has arrived to change all of that. These previously bothersome controls now appear in the Quick Settings bar. This makes the user experience much more enjoyable and straightforward.

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