Apple TV Apps That Users Should Definitely Have

Apple TV Apps That Users Should Definitely Have
Apple TV Apps That Users Should Definitely Have Photo : Li Lin

Apple TV apps, like any other apps found on other ecosystems, are aimed at improving the user experience. Sure, you can just get a smart TV with built-in functions that are similar to Apple's own streaming device. However, there are those who own basic TV sets that would surely benefit from owning an Apple TV device.

Apple TV devices also mostly support apps that you already have on your other Apple devices. If your iPad has a movie or TV app that you love, chances are, that app can also run on an Apple TV device. Thing is, not all apps are created equal. We've gathered a list of Apple TV apps that you should install on your device to make the most out of it.

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Essential Apple TV apps (in no particular order) that you shouldn't be without

Popular streaming service apps

Out of the box, Apple TV devices don't come pre-installed with streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. We highly suggest downloading any of these that you prefer upon your first visit to the Apple TV's app store.

Apple TV devices are, after all, often bought primarily for streaming content so this is one suite of apps worth considering.

YouTube TV

Not everyone has an active cable subscription. Though it can be quite pricey, we do admit that having one gives access to premium content. But there will always be free (or cheaper alternatives) so getting Apple TV apps like YouTube TV or something similar is highly recommended.

Apps like YouTube TV also offer a more personalized approach when it comes to what you really want to watch compared to normal cable programming. Cost-wise, these apps also don't usually have hidden charges.

Apple Arcade

It's a TV device. If you wanted to play games, you should've bought a gaming console or built your own gaming PC. That might be true, but if you can watch movies on your PS4, it's only fair that you can play games on an Apple TV device. Well, not at least like those AAA games found on dedicated gaming consoles and PCs but you get the point.

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The Apple Arcade app is subscription based. For just $4.99 per month (just the app), you can download games from Apple's game library. If you're currently subscribed to the new Apple One service, you'll automatically have access to the Apple Arcade app.

But how would you play on an Apple TV device? Don't worry, the company got you covered. If you happen to have a PS4 or Xbox controller lying around, it works with Apple TV. Just a reminder though, due to hardware limitations, the games currently available on Apple Arcade are nowhere near what you can play on PS4 or Xbox, at least in terms of graphics.

Grubhub on demand

Grubhub is one of the most innovative, if not the greatest, Apple TV apps. Decades ago, we ordered food via telephone. Recently, we can do it via a restaurant's website. Now, we can do it straight from an Apple TV device. Talk about seeing your favorite comfort food on TV and being able to order it right there and then.

Apple TV apps are great since these improve the capabilities of your Apple TV device and your TV as well. No longer will your basic TV be just a basic rectangular black screen. Connecting an Apple TV device and downloading great Apple TV apps allow you to play games, stream your favorite shows or movies, and even order your favorite food to satisfy your craving.

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