The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope: Everything We Know So Far

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope is coming this very Halloween on October 30th, and here's everything we know so far.

If you're a fan of interactive horror games like Until Dawn, the chance is you're familiar with this title. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is the second game of eight planned installments of The Dark Pictures series.

What Is The Dark Pictures Anthology?

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of eight interactive horror games from Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco. Supermassive CEO and executive producer Pete Samuels told GameInformer that the plan is to release two Dark Picture games every year.

"What we've said is we're going to hit about two a year," he said back in 2019.

"So I mean, we already are near-release on this and we're still on track for delivering two every 12-month period."

The first title, Man of Medan, was released back in 2019. Man of Medan follows five intriguing individuals' journeys in a wild diving expedition as they find the wreckage of an old WW2 ship. Little did they know, the danger is lying ahead.

Each Dark Picture game will have a completely different story, a different setting, but entails the same moral-compass mechanism.

Little Hope's Character & Storyline

While Man of Medan is set in a modernized world, Little Hope takes you on a nostalgic trip to the 1600s. The game takes place in New England and follows college students Taylor, Andrew, Daniel, Angela, and their professor John.

After their bus crashes in the middle of nowhere, they must explore Little Hope to connect the missing dots of what just happened.

"Abandoned and all alone, 4 college students and their teacher become stranded in an isolated town miles from anywhere after their bus crashes in bad weather," the developer describes the game on their website.

"Trapped by a mysterious fog in the town of Little Hope, they search desperately for a means of escape whilst visions from the past haunt them from the shadows."

Little Hope has a pretty confusing back-and-forth & jumping timeline from the past to the present world. The curator will be back on the series to accompany the players as they progress through the game.

New Features

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is an interactive horror game. That means; the moral-compass and 'Don't Move' mechanism will make a comeback.

Hopefully, Supermassive will wholly revamp and improve the previous title's buggy and awkward movement system.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is now available for pre-order with the director's cut and deleted scene bonus.

Release Date & Console Systems

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope releases on October 30th on PS4, Windows, and Xbox One. A next-gen version for PS5 and Xbox One X is rumored to be in development.

Are you hyped for Little Hope?

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