Worst Video Games Ever: 5 Titles That Fans Want Everyone to Forget About Their Franchise

Video game developers, just like everyone, have bad days, weeks, or even months at the office. In the gaming industry's fast-paced world, developing an A-tier title is no easy task, and it makes sense if some titles may fall short.

Unfortunately for them, the franchise's big-name could not save them from total embarrassment. Here are our picks for the top 5 video games that fans wish everyone to forget about their beloved franchise. Shout out to WhatCulture for the inspiration!

Resident Evil 6

It's a common secret that Resident Evil 6 is the worst-ever Resident Evil game out there. Capcom tried reaching to outer fanbases so hard that they entirely altered the game's horror tradition into action. They wanted to create a Call of Duty-esque video game under the franchise's flag.

The result is predictable. Resident Evil 6 is the slowest-selling title and most poorly-received title ever from all its main installments.

PES 2014

Fantastic reveal trailer, poor game performance. These two phrases are what represent PES 2014 best. Unimproved AI movements, weird face-scan, and awkward control are the pinnacles of what lacked from PES 2014.

Ironically, this game came a year after PES 2013, the title widely regarded as the best PES ever. PES 2013 was a timeless bit, while its predecessor didn't stand out against time.

WWE 2k20

Where do we even start with this game? WWE 2k20 is the rock bottom moment of the franchise. 60 GB size does not help the game from being mediocre with glitchy gameplay & less effort made on MyCareer mode.

WWE 2k20 was so bad that the devs decided to scrap the franchise's annual tradition of releasing a new title. Instead, they released WWE 2K Battlegrounds, a lackluster, over-priced spin-off.

Will 2k even recover from this?

Fallout 76

It's ironic to call Fallout 76 an 'online'-based game, yet it's been utterly buggy. The overall design of the game and combat mechanism are downright terrible. It isn't very reassuring for the fans to see how this game performed after long waiting years.

It's almost impossible to have fun in Fallout 76 without spending real-life cash in exchange for in-game currencies.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Lastly, we have Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, whose reveal trailer became one of the most disliked videos of all-time. As BBC reported, the video garnered 1.5 million dislikes in only eight days for merely being 'too futuristic.' Today, the number has almost tripled to 3.9 million.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare lacks innovation from the previous titles. On the other hand, its rival, the Battlefield series, released a World War 1-based game, Battlefield 1. The latter became the most-liked trailer in YouTube history, as Forbes reported. Ouch.

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