Why You Should Choose Printed Banners for Your Next Advertising Campaign

Why You Should Choose Printed Banners for Your Next Advertising Campaign
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For a small business owner, choosing the best method to reach your audience can be overwhelming. When you're heavily involved in running a business, you'll generally not have much time to develop a full marketing campaign, so finding easy wins that are cost-effective and not too time-intensive is the priority. Printed banners check both boxes and have several other advantages as well!

Keep your business in front of mind.

For any marketing efforts, the goal is to keep your business on your potential customers' minds when they need you. Research has shown that people need to see your business seven times on average before converting into a customer, so getting in front of them as quickly as possible as many times as you can is a priority. Having a banner placed in a high traffic area close to your store, people will see it and remember your business every time they walk past it, and once they need your services, your business will be the first they think of.

Banners are simple to make.

The process of getting a banner designed and printed is straightforward, and takes far less effort than managing a social advertising campaign or creating a press release. Designing a banner is the most complicated part but can be easily outsourced to a local graphic designer, which will also mean that your banner looks professional. Even with this extra cost, having a banner printed is cheap enough that this is still far more cost-effective than other advertising methods.

They are durable.

In particular, vinyl banners are very durable and will last a long time as long as you maintain them properly. If you use your banners at events, you'll find that vinyl banners can cope with all weather, and the rain won't affect the print or material, which is perfect if you regularly have outdoor stands. If you transport your banners regularly, it will be worth having a case to store them to preserve how long the ink stays vibrant.  

Banners are simple to transport.

In a similar vein to the last point, banners are the ideal asset to bring with you to events. Vinyl banners roll up into a relatively small total area, meaning they don't take up much space when storing or transporting them, and fabric banners can fold up into an even smaller size.

Catch people's eyes.

Another benefit of banners is that you can ensure they are as eye-catching and memorable as possible because you designed them yourself. When creating your design, try to have a high-quality image that will draw someone's attention as they walk past it, and have your logo and company name in a prominent position. Adding new discounts and limited-time offers are also useful techniques to catch the attention of passers-by. Colors should be bold, with your primary brand color and one to two accents being used at most to prevent the banner from becoming overly busy, and if possible, think about what colors best represent your brand using color theory.

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