Apple's iPhone 12 event: What New Products were Released?

Apple's iPhone 12 event: What New Products were Released?
Apple's iPhone 12 event: What New Products were Released? Photo : David Švihovec

Apple's iPhone 12 event shows off the company's unwavering commitment on churning out better products one generation after another. In the words of Tim Cook, the iPhone 12 starts a new generation for the company's already impressive (and expensive) lineup of mobile computing devices. The biggest and smallest key takeaways of this year's event are 5G connectivity and the iPhone 12 Mini, respectively.

Apple's a bit late in officially announcing it latest gears but we obviously have the Pandemic to blame for that. So, after releasing new Apple Watches and iPads a few months back, here are the new Apple products for late 2020.

Apple's iPhone 12 event: Smart-home oriented

HomePod Mini

We already have the HomePod. Now, we also have the HomePod Mini. At just 3-inches tall, it can be a great decorative piece, aside from being a smart speaker, without eating up too much space. Right off the bat, it has a very minimalist vibe.

In terms of overall audio quality, the company mentions that the HomePod Mini's "computational audio" feature allows it to automatically tweak itself when playing different music genres for an optimal listening experience. It supports Siri and has deep integration with the Apple ecosystem so using it in your smart home can add up to the convenience of living in one.

Pre-orders will start on November 6 and they'll be available by November 16 for $99. The HomePod Mini comes in white and space grey colorways.

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iPhone 12

During its iPhone 12 event, Apple showed that it dropped its previous design element since the iPhone X-rounded corners. If you're a fan of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 12 might be quite attractive for you.

The display now features an OLED Super Retina XDR panel that's a big improvement compared to the LCD screens of previous models. The iPhone 12 also has a ceramic shield glass that Apple claims further makes the new iPhones much more durable.

As previously leaked, the phones use the A14 Bionic processor. The company claims this is the fastest chip as of yet for a smartphone. This is largely true since the A14 is the first chip that was built using a 5nm manufacturing process. This roughly equates to a 50% increase in CPU and GPU performance compared to other SoCs that were built using previous-gen processes.

To top it all, these shiny new iPhones also support 5G. Verizon has even partnered with Apple to ensure the device will be able to utilize this new speed increase in connectivity.

Priced at $799, the iPhone 12 will be available in white, black, green, blue, and red. Pre-orders will start on October 16 and they'll be ready to ship by October 23.

iPhone 12 Mini

The star of the show during the iPhone 12 event is definitely the long-rumored iPhone 12 Mini. Simply put, it has all of the features of the regular-sized iPhone 12 but at a smaller package. It's even smaller than the 2nd-gen iPhone SE.

You can grab one for $699 starting on November 6. They'll be available widely by November 13. Like its bigger brother, the Mini will also be available in the same colorways.

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iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

These top-end iPhones have the same features as the base iPhone 12 but they're built with a stainless-steel frame. The 12 Pro is now 6.1 inches while the Pro Max comes in at 6.7 inches.

Aside from the base features, the camera array of these iPhones is the highlight here. This new system, along with the A14 Bionic processor, allows these smartphones to shoot photos and videos with improved dynamic range. There's video stabilization and the cameras support 4K 60fps Dolby HDR video.

The Pro is priced at $999 while the Pro Max goes for $1,099. Pre-orders will start on October 16 and they'll be available by October 23.

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