AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs will Awesomely Come with a Copy of Far Cry 6 for Free

AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs will Awesomely Come with a Copy of Far Cry 6 for Free
AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs will Awesomely Come with a Copy of Far Cry 6 for Free Photo : Vladimir Malyutin

AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs that are eligible for the freebie include the Ryzen 9 5950X, Ryzen 9 5900X, or Ryzen 7 5800X. Unfortunately, buyers of AMD's mid-range Ryzen 5 5600X won't be eligible for a copy of Far Cry 6 for free.

Far Cry 6 becomes available on February 18th of next year. Those who will purchase the said chips, whether standalone or as a bundled system, can get a free copy of the game via digital download. Aside from the free game, they'll also get in-game bonuses like skins and other items.

AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs: What has changed?

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is the first among the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs that the company showed off during the recently held official launch of the latest-gen Ryzen lineup. The 5900X is a top-tier processor that has 12 cores and 24 threads. And it also comes with a max boost of 4.8GHz. Given its beefy specs, it will have a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 105W. Once it launches on November 5, it will have a price tag of $549.

For gamers, the company claims that there will be an average of 26% in performance improvement for 1080p gaming. This is in comparison with the AMD Ryzen 3900XT.

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AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs will take advantage of the company's latest Zen 3 architecture.

But AMD still wasn't done yet. It then revealed the epic AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. It's a 16-core, 32 thread CPU. Aside from having a 4.9GHz boost, it packs 72 MB L2+L3 cache. With a TDP rating of 105W, it will be priced at $799. There will also be an 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and a 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.

The Zen 3 architecture is based on a 7nm+ manufacturing process. This will significantly put a dent on Intel if Team Blue still prefers to stay on a 14nm architecture on desktop.

The company further says that the 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X possesses "the highest single-thread performance of any desktop gaming processor." When it comes to multi-core processing, AMD mentions that the 5950X has the "most multi-core performance of any desktop gaming processor and any desktop processor in a mainstream CPU socket." 

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AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs and other chips that are eligible

Selected current-gen AMD processors like the Ryzen 9 3950X, Ryzen 9 3900XT, and Ryzen 7 3800XT can also get the freebie through their "equipped to win" promo for the last quarter of 2020. AMD's Rewards website lists that this will go live on October 20. This is days ahead of the actual first-day sale of AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs which will happen on November 5.

Remember that the digital download code for a free copy of Far Cry 6 must be redeemed before January 30 of next year. Uplay, will be the platform used to deliver the free copy of the game.

On a side note, the same "equipped to win" promotion gives buyers of qualified Ryzen 3000 CPUs a free copy of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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