Want to Get Fit? Personalize Your Diet Needs With Gini Health

Gini Health personalizes your diet needs using your nutrition data, DNA, sleeping schedule, and exercise goals, unlike the others.

Collaborating with other health tracker apps, Gini gives users a personalized recommendation of vitamins to fill in dietary gaps. Gini combines all the data you provide and anything from Apple Watch, MyFitnessPal, and others, to get the best, scientifically researched combination for your need.

On top of that, they will also deliver your vitamins right on your doorstep. Your DNA is extremely confidential and will never be shared with any third-party advertisers. Getting fit has never been easier!

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Overnutrition Concerns

What makes Gini Health different from others is the company's dedication to combating every kind of malnutrition. Overnutrition is one of them.

Other companies tend to throw a handful of vitamins to their customers. In reality, overconsuming them is just as bad, especially during a lockdown period caused by a pandemic like this where everyone is stuck working & studying from home.

"The popular belief is that vitamins are...just vitamins, so they can't do any harm. A riskier belief is that if some vitamins are good, then more must be better," said Gurjot Narwal, Gini Health founder and CEO.

"Vitamin companies make more money when you purchase more vitamins, so it's not surprising that these have become the prevailing views in society."

By subscribing to Gini, not only does it give you vitamins with unique dosages customized by your need, but it also saves you so much money. Gini's formulation only comes as just one or two capsules upon an order, yet they're useful.

"Gini Health's new integration with MyFitnessPal and all major nutrition trackers, including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and Oura ring helps us do just that," the founder added.

Foods play an integral part in an adequate diet, and Gini gives you a much deeper understanding of your body through it. You can track your nutrition and how they impact your mental well-being, allergies, risk of diabetes, and heart health.

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Where to Download Gini Health & How Does It Work?

To get the best Gini experience, simply download the app for free and provide as many data as possible. Here's the full round-up:


Tell us about yourself; we'll use this to give you precisely what your body needs.

Get your nutrition needs.

Get a nutrition plan and vitamin formula adjusted to your personal needs.

Keep us in the loop

We'll automatically adjust your nutrition plan as your health and lifestyle changes.

Gini is available to download for free for iOS on App Store and Android on Play Store.

It is free to download, but purchasing a premium upgrade is recommended for the best experience. The yearly subscription for premium stories is priced at $29.99. But that comes free when you buy vitamins priced at $30 for the first month and $45 for the succeeding months.

For more information, head over to the company's website here, and to contact the developers, click here.

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