Football Manager 2021: New Features, Release Date, & Everything We Know So Far

Like its predecessor, Football Manager 2021 gives an immersive behind-the-scene look behind a successful football team. Whether you're all in for Galacticos, nurturing young talents, or taking a lower division club to the glory, Football Manager 2021 has all the tools you need.

SI has recently dropped a plethora of exciting new features, and here's the full round-up of it. 

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Football Manager 2021 New Features

Football Manager 2021 will focus on you as the manager. That said, SI will revamp the way you communicate with the players, board, and the journalists. 

During the half-time pep talk, you can now choose your 'Gestures.' Choose from throwing a water bottle, pointing a finger, or even banging the table to communicate effectively. Keep in mind that it will also affect the way your players see you.

A new 'Quick Chat' feature will see a massive improvement. Your personal method in talking to players, journalists, and opposition managers do matter.  

In FM 2021, a journalist would occasionally contact you for an insider story about recent transfer rumors involving your club. You can also have a chat with other managers you sent your young talent to as a loanee

While 'Press Conferences' are usually the most tedious part of the game, FM 2021 has 'radically' improved the mechanism. Your Press Officer will give you a quick round-up about the expected topics of discussion in the room. You can now also choose which journalist gets to ask a question. The better you perform in the conference room, the better the public look at you. 

Matchday is seeing another significant improvement as well, especially the pre-match build-up. Your Press Officer will now present to you how your fans react on social media about your line-up right before the game. 

The recruitment system is now more realistic than ever. You can now invite your scouts before starting a transfer window to let them know what type of player you are into. 

On top of that, the 3D graphics will now feature a new lighting system. Pitchside pieces of equipment stand, supporters, and shadows look more realistic than ever. The press will give you an 'expected goal' analysis to help you see how clinical your players are. 

To read the full feature, click on this link or visit the Football Manager's official YouTube page. 

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Release Date & Console System

Football Manager 2021 is coming on November 24. After a decade, Football Manager 2021 will now come on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X for the first time. As usual, you can purchase the game on PC via Steam or Epic Games. 

Are you excited about Football Manager 2021?

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