10 Best Colleges to Get an MBA From

10 Best Colleges to Get an MBA From
Photo : 10 Best Colleges to Get an MBA From

Getting an MBA degree has become critical for people aspiring for a top-level position in multinational and global corporations. It is not only prestigious but also defines an individual as qualified enough to run business and make decisions.

Of course, it also matters what university is chosen for an MBA education. Those with the world's best reputation offer the best programs recognized by employers globally. Obviously, this student experience costs a lot, but it is definitely worth it for people aiming to become CEO.

In this article, we decided to list the best colleges to get an MBA degree from. Here are these citadels of knowledge.

The Wharton School

Wharton is very diverse in terms of the student population. You can make friends with the best representatives of literally every country out there. Studying, however, is quite demanding. The criteria of success are quite high to make the learning process up to top standards. But don't worry, with a little help from an essay writer service, you can get a degree and still have a life.

Getting an MBA degree from this school takes 20 months. It is an interesting journey and an opportunity to learn from the world's best experts. Moreover, The Wharton School offers a placement at the Philadelphia campus, but the San Francisco campus is also available by application.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford is a dream of many. This Californian Business School is very demanding and has only a 7% acceptance rate. However, if you manage to get in, be ready for amazing opportunities and exciting courses that will only foster your thirst for knowledge.

Stanford offers 2-year MBA programs with interesting curriculum and outstanding extracurricular activities. A Global Experience program is at the core of the entire Stanford MBA experience. Even if you have a question, how long is the SAT with breaks? - this practice allows students to work abroad on sponsor-led projects across a variety of industries.

Stanford Graduate School of Business


This MBA degree is a joint project of France and Singapore's best universities. Students who get enrolled study among the representatives of over 90 different nationalities from all over the globe. This is the most multicultural experience you can get.

The entire MBA program takes just 10 months. Nevertheless, students have time to learn everything since the curriculum is very well-thought out. The global learning structure allows for online modules and continuous innovations. In the end, the world gets future business leaders with excellent knowledge and skills, ready for successful careers.

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan is another U.S. top university with an immersive MBA program offered in two variants. Most students prefer a full-time MBA program that takes two years. However, there is a shortened version, offering an amazing student experience condensed to one year.

MIT Sloan has a developed partnership network. Thanks to it, its MBA students get a chance to work on hands-on projects hosted by global organizations. There are also many other opportunities offered by the school throughout the program. They will definitely turn students into industry-ready top-quality specialists.

Harvard Business School

This graduate business school belongs to famous Ivy League schools and offers full-time residential MBA programs. Its graduates are ready to undertake global leadership roles and some real-life business challenges. They easily find a job at the world's best corporations.

The Harvard MBA program is designed to make students learn from challenges and real-life experiences. Through the course of their education, they meet a diverse community and learn to be alert and functional whatever happens.

Harvard Business School

HEC Paris

Europe is also represented in this list by the HEC Paris school. It offers an amazing MBA program that has already prepared more CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies than any other university. The quality of knowledge gained at this university is beyond all standards.

Its approach to teaching is also unique. A 16-month MBA curriculum has a fundamental stage, a customized stage, and a personalized career development program. The education takes place at a beautiful campus surrounded by amazing nature and having its own chateau.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

A full-time MBA experience at Chicago Booth will definitely broaden your perspective and force you to get deeper into an issue. The university strives to make students curious and question the status quo. Moreover, the learning environment promotes networking with people from all over the world.

The MBA program offered here teaches to evaluate opportunities and pursue them while assessing the risks along the way. It makes students well-aware of various analytical tools to base their business decision on.

Haas School of Business

The University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) offers its MBA programs on the basis of its Haas School of Business. There are several different MBA options available to students if they are good at writing essays and sorting out challenges. They are designed to meet the needs of working students.

Haas School of Business has a unique culture with a focus on leadership, fresh thinking, and collaborative community. It offers a diverse learning environment and teaches students to seize every opportunity and act creatively. Students graduate from it with state-of-art knowledge and excellent industry-specific skills.

The Kellogg School of Management

This school is a part of Northwestern University, located just outside of Chicago. Its proximity to one of the world's liveliest megapolises also adds to its attractiveness to students. However, the school's real value is in its strong mission to educate and equip aspiring leaders who will make a difference.

There are several versions of MBA programs available to students. They include the accelerated MBA that lasts only 1 year, a two-year MBA option, joint degree programs, an Evening and Weekend Program, etc. Every student can find a curriculum that fits their needs the best.

Final Words

The top 10 MBA schools list includes the best educational institutions in the world. Their education quality is recognized across the world. Moreover, such degrees are required from top-level managers heading companies in both public and private sectors.

The cost of studying is on the pricier side. However, these schools also offer grants and scholarships to talented students. Thus, there is a very good chance that you can get in if you work hard and dream big.

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