Top Instagram Growth Services for More Followers

Top Instagram Growth Services for More Followers
Photo : Top Instagram Growth Services for More Followers

Using an Instagram growth service can give your Instagram the boost it needs to be competitive against other brands in the market. Having a higher follower count can generate more interest in your brand or business, as well as open doors to more conversion and business stemming from your Instagram. 

With that said, choosing a growth service that will actually work for you and deliver on their promises can be challenging. There are many growth services out there that will over-promise results that they simply can't deliver with the sole purpose of turning a profit off of people who are genuinely looking for better Instagram opportunities. 

Choosing an Instagram growth service that is transparent and reliable in providing you with the results you need is vital to your success. Determining the difference between shady services and companies that deliver on their promises is the most important thing you need to do before deciding on which service is for you.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of growth services available, what to stay away from, and give some recommendations such as Growthoid, for reliable providers of Instagram growth. 

Let's get growing! 

Common Types of Instagram Growth Services 

Not all growth services are created equal. There are different methods of Instagram growth, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks, some more than others. 

When Instagram first became a powerhouse platform for businesses and influencers, the most common practice was to buy bulk followers. Once users started catching on to this trend, it became virtually extinct. 

Nobody wants to see a profile riddled with fake and inactive accounts. It looks bad on your part. Not only that, you'll get virtually no engagement, since these accounts won't engage. You also won't see any increase in your business metrics when you buy followers because they are not actual accounts that will be engaging with your content. 

So, once fake followers fell out, the next wave of Instagram growth services appeared on the market, leading to the options that we have today. Let's review the basic types of Instagram growth. 

Automation and Bots

This was the next logical progression in Instagram growth services, and it's the most common that you'll see these days. Basically, services that provide automated growth through bots and automated engagements are going to use these to interact with profiles or provide you with ghost accounts that look good but do nothing. 

When you hire one of these services, you'll see some of the following: 

  • Auto-engagements that engage with any accounts, regardless of your targeting instructions

  • Generic web presence with little information about what services they provide

  • Low-quality followers that rarely engage

  • Limited follower growth 

  • Pricing tiers between $15-40 USD 

  • Lack of support team response 

As you can see, these aren't really attractive elements, as much as these Instagram growth services try to project an image of trustworthiness. They typically can't deliver results and will try to be extremely vague in what they actually do for you. 

Not only that, Instagram has cracked down on how bots and automation interacts with the platform. Because of this, these services have to run with extremely low engagement numbers so as not to be detected by Instagram. With such low numbers, it's not uncommon to see really low growth numbers. It's a perpetual cycle of contacting customer support with little to no response. 

Organic Growth Services 

Organic growth services are better than automated ones, as they can actually provide you with real followers and use your targeting instructions to find users in your target audience. Because this takes more time and effort, there are by far fewer organic growth services to choose from.

With organic growth services, you can expect to see: 

  • Followers that align with your niche 

  • Followers that will engage with your content, boosting your follower to engagement ratio 

  • Increased engagement

  • Support teams that respond to you 

  • Manual growth that's done according to targeting instructions 

  • Pricing anywhere from $50-150+ USD 

There's a clear distinction between bots and organic growth services. Because organic growth services typically work through manual growth, you'll have more aligned results and you'll be able to have peace of mind knowing that your Instagram growth will actually bring in followers that will benefit your account and could provide you with the business results that you're looking for. 

Instagram Ads and Marketing Agencies 

A generally trusted way to grow your Instagram followers, Instagram ads and marketing agencies will work to promote your posts and grow the exposure of your account. 

This method has been very effective for many companies, but it's not realistic for everyone. 

Instagram ads can be really expensive if you're looking to promote a large and effective campaign. Not only that, priority is given to accounts that are more established or have proven effective in the market, so you may get less exposure depending on how many accounts are competing for ad time. 

While Instagram ads can be a great supplement to follower growth, it's really not a viable option for people who don't have a large budget focused on marketing. This also goes for marketing agencies, as their services are incredibly expensive and won't be attainable for the average Instagram user. 

What to Avoid in Instagram Growth 

There are a few red flags to look out for when making your Instagram growth decision. Let's examine some of the things you should definitely avoid when looking for a growth service. 

Promised Follower Range 

It's common that untrustworthy growth services will offer you a set range of followers on a monthly basis. Seeing a nice number of followers is attractive at first glance, but in reality, anyone offering real and authentic growth can't promise a set number of followers. 

Even a service that is operating off of automated engagements can't provide a set range of followers. The basis of Instagram growth is to perpetuate engagements and generate interest in your brand, and with the combination of good content your followers will grow. 

But it's not a fixed amount, and it varies greatly depending on targeting instructions and niche. If a growth service promises you a range of followers that you'll gain per month, they'll either try to make up excuses for the lack of growth later, or they'll supplement what they missed with fake followers. 

This hurts your credibility and will only harm your account. 

Services That Provide Fake Accounts 

If you see a growth service that appears to offer fake or bot followers, avoid at all costs. This will do absolutely nothing for your Instagram account other than harm your credibility and hurt your Instagram engagement. 

Not only that, it will skew your numbers, making it harder to identify which posts are actually performing well. 

These days, accounts with a lower follower count but higher engagement and quality of followers are more desirable for partnerships as well as for business growth. 

The Instagram algorithm works off of engagement, so the better your posts perform in terms of Instagram engagement, the more likely you'll be to get more reach, and even show up on the explore page or the top posts in hashtag feeds. 

This is why fake followers or inactive accounts won't do anything for you. 

Sometimes the language of an Instagram growth service makes it seem like they provide you with real followers, but if they are very general about how they get the followers, or if they say that they will deliver them within a set period, they are fake. Period. 

Recommended Instagram Growth Services 

With so few options for actual organic Instagram growth, there are not as many options these days as one would hope. Luckily, there are still some great choices out there, and we're going to tell you about the top pick if you're looking for active Instagram followers that can help you take your business to the next level. 

Growthoid: Top Organic Instagram Growth Service 

Growthoid landed our top pick for Instagram growth because they are really customer-centered, transparent, and easy to use. 

Their website has a lot of useful information as well as a straightforward FAQ that will give you all of the necessary information to understand how the service works. 

Once you sign up with Growthoid, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager. This is a really great feature of Growthoid that you won't find with many other growth services because they don't have the manpower or desire to provide their clients with a reliable Instagram growth method. 

Your account manager is the person that will be handling your Instagram growth, which is all done manually. It's so important to know that your Instagram growth is in good hands, so this feature really gives you peace of mind that your account will see progress. 

You'll provide your targeting instructions to your Instagram manager, and they will take it from there. They'll look for similar accounts to yours, using your targets to find users that will be interested in your account and your profile. 

Then, they'll engage with them. This is the proven way to get more Instagram followers, but it can be really time consuming, so many people don't want to take time out of their schedule to sit in front of Instagram for hours a day growing their account. Maybe they do, but their workload just doesn't allow it. 

The good news is that you don't have to; Growthoid can take over for you. It's really important that you have time to focus on your content production, strategy, and posting, because this is the true factor that will influence your level of Instagram growth, no matter which growth service you choose. 

Growthoid's support team is super responsive and can help you resolve any technical issues or targeting adjustments that you have in mind. They have 2 pricing tiers, making sure that they provide an option for every budget. 

All in all, if you're looking for a trustworthy growth service, Growthoid definitely delivers. 

Ways You Can Support Your Instagram Growth 

Many people have the misconception that once you hire a growth service, that's it! The work is done, and you can sit back and just watch your followers pour in. 

Unfortunately, that's not the case. The main purpose of an organic Instagram growth service is to generate interest around your account and stimulate reach, thus growing your followers. But ultimately, you have to do your part to make sure that the people who are viewing your account are actually hooked. 

Here are some tips to optimize your Instagram for maximum Instagram growth. 

Produce High-Quality Content 

Even if your growth service brings in a bunch of potential followers, you won't see any growth if your content isn't stimulating. 

Because most real, organic growth services operate based on engagements, they'll lead your target users to your account, but your content has to be the thing that gets them to stay as a follower. 

This means that you should make sure that you have your content pillars identified and that viewers can immediately know what type of content they'll get from your account. Make sure that your main profile page looks amazing, including Instagram story highlights and their cover image, your bio, as well as your overall Instagram aesthetic. 

Post Regularly 

If you don't have regular and consistent posts, you're a lot less likely to gain followers. It's a good idea to create and plan your content in advance, and then stick to a posting schedule. 

You can use Instagram insights or a third party analytics service to see at what times your posts perform the best. Once you know this information, you can set up a posting schedule that will gain more reach and show your consistency. 

In addition, you should be posting a minimum of three times a week. If you don't have active posts, people are likely to turn away. Take advantage of Instagram stories, as potential followers will see active stories when they land on your profile, making you look more active and engaged with your followers. 

Use Captions and Hashtags 

The visual element of your content is important, but having great captions as well as a hashtag strategy will only enhance your posts. 

Good captioning can help to show your profile viewers what you're about and demonstrate your personality and brand image to your content. Use a mix of long and short captions for best results, and integrate a healthy number of emojis when appropriate. 

Use niche-specific hashtags that people in your target audience might follow. If you appear in hashtag feeds, you're likely to gain followers that way as well. 

Conclusion: Top Instagram Growth Services 

Stay away from Instagram automation and bot growth services. Don't buy fake followers. Spend time dedicated to enhancing your content and posting schedule, and work with an organic Instagram growth service like Growthoid to get your target users viewing your content. 

This is the best and most effective way to get more Instagram followers. 

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