Meet Lucid Air: All-Electric Sedan Equipped With the World's Most Advanced EV Technology

Lucid Air is a brand new sedan by Lucid Motors. Unlike others, Lucid Air's hotly-anticipated sedan is all-electric with a cutting edge, luxurious design. The first concept landed nearly three years ago.

Lucid Motors claims that the 1,080 hp model can cover a quarter-mile in just 9.9 seconds. The executive, four-door sedan, is supported by a 113 kWh extended-range lithium-ion battery from Samsung SDI. The company believes that the sedan's maximum horsepower can go all the way up to 1080, and it only needs 20 minutes for 300-miles charging. 

Lucid Motors also claims that the model will have a reserve charging mechanism, allowing Air cars to get powers from another Air car. 

Lucid Motors has some serious street cred, thanks to its CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson. He's a former chief engineer at Lotus Cars and Tesla Model S. His partner, Peter Hochholdinger, is a former VP of Tesla and senior director of production at Audi.

Interestingly, this is the first product of Lucid Motors, and that's not so bad for a debut. It comes in four different editions: Air, Air Touring, Air Grand Touring, and the limited Air Dream Edition. 

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What Do Critics and Experts Say?

Lucid Air has been called a 'stunner' and praised for its luxurious design, sustainable materials, and the car's battery life. The modern finish gives an elegant look without overwhelming too much. 

Lawrence Ulrich of The New York Times hails the sedan's the leading pack of 'the horsepower war' and praises it for its attention to details. 

Jalopnik acclaims the Air's perfectly-polished design, with a small grille between the headlights and the lower vented cooling intake. Even the smallest feature of the car does wonder.

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Where to Pre-Order Lucid Air Sedan and How Much Does It Cost?

As mentioned above, Lucid Air comes in four different editions. However, they will all hit the 20 planned retail stores in North America by 2021. The only differences each edition makes are the horsepower capability and its projected range. 

The cheapest Air edition starts at $69,900, and it will be released by early 2022. Air Touring, supporting up to 620 HP, starts from $87,500 and comes in late 2021. 

800 horsepower-Air Grand Touring costs $131,500 and eyes a summer 2021 release. Its luxurious, limited edition sibling, Air Dream Edition, starts from $161,500 and comes in spring 2021. All four editions include a free subscription to Electrify America for 3 years.

Perspective buyers from the United States of America and Canada can reserve their Air sedans here. Buyers from Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE and European countries like France and Germany are also welcomed to book. 

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