PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Won't Be Available for In-Store Purchase Until 2021, Says Best Buy

Best Buy has just taken to its official blog to confirm that you will not be able to buy PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in their stores until 2021. 

Staff writer Katie Huggins from Best Buy confirms that gamers do not have to camp outside the stores to pick up the latest gaming consoles. Instead, prospective buyers can purchase the consoles online without leaving their homes. 

"While our stores won't have devices for purchase on launch day or throughout the holiday season, keep an eye on, where they'll be available for purchase as soon as we have them available," the statement reads. 

However, if you have preordered the consoles online, you may still have to pick them up on the launch day during the agreed time. 

As you pick your consoles from the selected stores, you will also have to follow the new safety guidelines to protect both parties. As recommended by the CDC, face masks are mandatory, and the stores will supply them if you don't have any. Daily wellness check and regular cleaning of areas with high-touch will be implied. 

That said, the number of customers inside the stores will be limited to prevent overcrowding. 

Contactless curbside delivery is also encouraged to minimize new COVID-19 clusters. Read the full statement here

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Not the First Time

Best Buy is not the only retailer to completely vanish in-store purchases amidst the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Just this month, Sony discouraged gamers from lining outside the stores during the launch day. In a blog post, Sony confirmed that the new consoles will only be available through retail partners' online stores. 

"Be safe, stay home, and place your order online," Senior Director, SIE Content Communications Sid Shuman writes.

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However, this decision will not impact any preorder purchasers. Like Best Buy, any gamer who has preordered the consoles is welcome to pick it up at the selected stores under the new health protocols. 

For US gamers, retailers like Target are planning the same strategy. Walmart will have four different windows during the PS5 launch date. As The Verge reported, the windows will start at 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, and 9 PM. Amazon also brings a significant update to its preorder system. 

It is not an easy decision to make, but nothing is wrong with ordering online, right? All you have to do is patiently waiting at home, and your console will be right on the doorstep. A few days of waiting won't kill, but COVID-19 could. 

PS5 arrives on November 12, while Xbox Series X/S comes on November 10. Will you be chopping up a new-gen console on the launch date?

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