Cradle of Sins: Join Steve Aoki's New VR Tournament and Win $25,000

Beat and Battle, a brand new virtual reality tournament hosted by renowned DJ Steve Aoki, is coming to Twitch on November 11. 

To anticipate U24 Solutions' upcoming Cradle of Sins VR game, the devs are headlining a massive competition starring international DJs and e-sport figures. Headhunterz, Loserfruit, xQc, Sodapoppin, and many others are to share the stage with Aoki. 

A team made up of three players will compete against seven other teams in Cradle of Sins VR to compete for a total of $25,000. All of the money is going to charity. The winner of the competition racks up $15,000, while the runner up and the third-place make $5,000 and $3,000, respectively. Teams who don't make the top third will still receive $400 to donate. 

Not only does U24 create safe gaming and music entertainment during the current coronavirus pandemic, but the developer is also giving back to the community. 

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Cradle of Sins

As mentioned above, Cradle of Sins is a VR-supported FPS strategy video game. The production started way back two years ago to capture the game's in-depth gameplay and diverse world. 

"Cradle of Sins is a strategy focused first-person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game developed exclusively for VR. Featuring a diverse and exciting world and real depth of gameplay, we've built an immersive, competitive experience that's different every time you play," the game's description reads. 

Like Dota 2, a game of Cradle of Sins is played between two teams of three players. Each team has to defend their own separate 'Altar.' The game gives you the freedom to choose between ten unique characters with a different skillset, weapons, and upgrades. 

To help upgrade, the game has gold as its in-game currency, and it can be sold in exchange for weapons and upgrades. 

Winning the game means being the first to destroy the enemy's base. 

U24 confirms that the game is to enter Steam's Early Access 'very soon,' six months before its release. Up to this writing (11/7), no release date can be confirmed.

The game needs a minimum of 64-bit Windows 7, Intel Quad Core 3, 6 GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon R9 290, DirectX 11, 6 GB storage, and a strong internet connection to run. 

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Where to Watch Beat and Battle?

As mentioned above, Beat and Battle will be live-streamed for fans worldwide on Twitch on November 11, 2020 (6 pm, GMT +0, 2 pm EDT). To watch the show, follow the game on Twitch or head over to this link

Cradle of Sins has not seen a release date yet, but it's safe to expect an Early Access six months before its launch. 

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