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iPhone vs Samsung - Allo Allo
Photo : iPhone vs Samsung - Allo Allo

No matter if you are team iPhone or Samsung, Allo Allo provides both at bargain prices on their website: alloallo.com, this Direct-to-consumer Hong Kong based multinational has spread in recent time to more than 70 countries worldwide. Allo Allo runs websites in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese languages. Customers outside of the country boundaries for these languages are automatically served the English version of the service.

Buying a cheap iPhone or a cheap refurbished like new Samsung has never been easier, thanks to the large catalog of products that this revolutionary and green company provides. Allo Allo is also ecologically inclined, having tied up with Treedom, each smartphone is refurbished in order to fight against programmed obsolescence.

To help you in your choice here are some aspects that you would have to look:

Price range:

The biggest factor that comes in your way while purchasing a refurbished smartphone is the price. Allo Allo supplies the refurbished products directly to the consumers and hence no middlemen are involved. This caters to cost price reduction, better quality, low transport charges and less chances of risk. The electronics offered, especially Apple products are way cheaper with the same quality and durability than the original store bought. 

Amount of Applications:

Statistics show that the Play Store has many more apps as compared to the number of apps on the App Store. The application developers don't always launch every app on both of the platforms but they choose their landing platform wisely. By the way, due to the high usage of Android smartphones all over the world, app developers always tend to launch their applications on Play Store first, and later the app might come on iOS as well.


App Store and Play Store then both of these have a very user friendly interface through which you can find and install the applications. Both of these serve the users with a wide range of applications on their databases and you can easily buy and install the application through your Touch ID on both of these stores.

The upper edge of the Play Store here is that Android phones support applications available on the other mediums as well. Hence it provides us with an ease to use our phones while letting us download the applications that we want. Looking at the privileges provided by Play Store, Android proves to be better in this aspect.

Battery life:

About this it all depends on the phone model, while Apple was known to have the worst battery timing, things have evolved and it's been the reverse. So it depends on the phone you want to get, the more recent it is, the better it is to turn to the Apple brand and vice versa if it's a slightly older phone.


It's difficult to say which OS is better, the best OS can only be chosen according to your preferences, and no one else can judge; which one is better for you. Both of these OS have their own pros and cons, and you would have to decide which feature you need the most. The good news is that you can get both of these OS at Allo Allo website, cheaper than new but with the same warranty.

Visit AlloAllo.com to find your future iPhone or Samsung.

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