How Good of a Service is It? How Good of a Service is It?
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The background check provider Check people stands out with its easy, straightforward approach to online screenings. The site's functions include public record checks, people lookups, and other services. The interface is user-friendly with a clean, well-organized design. This review will evaluate the quality of search results and the service overall.  

Access to a Wide Variety of Public Records 

The results of searches with this provider include publicly available information. Without using Check People, you'd have to check through all these records on your own. As you might guess, you'd need quite some time on your hands. I didn't find any duplicate entries. All the information is compiled into a neat, well-organized document that can be downloaded in pdf format. 

Intuitive Menu

The Home tab at the top takes you to your account settings, where you can assess your status and change your password if you wish. You'll find a direct link to the reports on the people you've searched for.  

Information Quality 

When I performed a self-check, I found no record of my marriage and subsequent divorce. Later, I discovered that my state did not report such information. Some states make such records public, and background check sites can retrieve them. Most of the phone numbers I searched were linked to their true user. Very few were linked to a previous one. 

If you look for a sex offender, it seems the site checks within a radius of a mile from your home. There is a registered sex offender in our neighborhood, but he lives more than a mile away. I know this because I checked the national register of sex offenders. 


I was pleased with the company's pricing model. The free trial costs $1. For that, you get unlimited searches. You can continue using the site as a paying member. The fee is $44.85 a month. Call customer service if you would like to cancel your free trial or subscription at any time. You need to speak with a live agent. Sometimes you'll get one on the phone at once. Other times, you might have to wait five or ten minutes. 

What I like best about CheckPeople's pricing is that they don't charge a fee per report. The flat rate makes it possible to conduct as many searches and get as many reports as you want. The pricing model is perfect for people who need to run a high number of monthly background checks for whatever reason. 

Support and Privacy

Customer support representatives are available 24/7 if you have any questions, find an issue, or need help using the site. This is very convenient because it lets you concentrate on assessing search results, which can be quite time-consuming, especially if you're doing lots of searches. The company seems to take customer privacy very seriously, which I am quite happy about. All searches are guaranteed to remain confidential and anonymous. 

My Last Word on CheckPeople 

My experience with CheckPeople has led me to include them on my list of professional and reliable background services. Queries are processed quickly and accurately. The free trial is perfect if you only need a single or several reports, but the low monthly fee makes the service ideal for people who want to do lots of searches. The provider enforces legal use as per FCRA requirements and complies with the Act on Children's Online Privacy Protection. The service has been around for some years. You'll find they have many other satisfied users. 

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