It’s Never Too Late to Improve Wealth, According to Mac Angelo

It’s Never Too Late to Improve Wealth, According to Mac Angelo
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Credit is an integral part of society. It's often the first thing that lenders evaluate when deciding whether to loan someone money to start a business or buy a home. The truth is, however, that many people out there have dismal credit scores. Mac Angelo, an ex-military man and a thriving entrepreneur was one of them. Now, Mac is currently the owner of LevelXstream, a company that serves as a one-stop-shop for those who not only need to fix their credit score but also want to get involved with digital investing and building something for themselves.

"I started off with bad credit myself. So I'm originally from Cameroon, Africa. I moved to the United States, and I went into the military straight away. I spent six out of my first seven years in the Army. So while that was a great learning experience, there was quite a bit of partying going on. You know how it is; young guys, we didn't care too much about our credit score back then. We wanted to party and all that stuff, so I ended up ruining my credit score and then had to fix it. So you could say that I've got first-hand experience in this," Mac explains.

Today, Mac's company has hundreds of clients. He and his team review cases of all levels. "Sometimes somebody comes with an absolutely abysmal credit score. The first thing we do is work on that. A score of 650 and below is pretty bad. We work on cleaning up their score as they come to us, and then we start investing and building wealth on the basis of a good credit score," he shares.

Mac makes a point that it's okay to have less than a perfect score at a certain point in one's life. He acknowledges that people go through different stages and need to fund each of them, which often puts a strain on things. "We all go through processes of adaptation in life, and those can be very challenging. I know that change has often been a challenge for me, personally," he admits.

Mac is a firm believer in networking with the right people and getting quality mentorship as a path to success. "Catching up with everyone is honestly one of the biggest challenges. And that's because everyone has their own thing going all the time, you know, so you've got to get the timing right. I had to face a cultural change, coming from Cameroon to America, so that added another layer of difficulties for me, but I was able to overcome it," he remarks. Mac had to adapt to the American way of borrowing and credit. "You know, in Cameroon, we are very shy about borrowing money. We really try not to unless it's absolutely necessary, so moving to the States for me was confusing in a way that I didn't understand why everyone is borrowing all the time," he admits.

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