How to Make Your App Idea Happen

How to Make Your App Idea Happen
Photo : How to Make Your App Idea Happen

Do you have an awesome idea for a mobile app? If so, you're not alone. Many innovators have designed, created, and marketed apps with great success. In fact, some people have actually gotten quite rich off of it.

However, taking an app from idea to reality is a process, one that typically requires some money upfront. You'll need to hire people to create the app, at least if you're not technologically-gifted, and you'll also want to find backers and investors. However, it can be done. And, if you need some help raising the money to launch your idea, there are many options to consider.

Secure Adopters

If you're not a "techie," and many people who design successful apps are not, that's okay. You can likely still create a minimum viable product version of your app. This is your app in its most basic form. It essentially shows people what the app is like, its general idea, and how and why it could be useful. 

If you can create that or can afford to have someone create it for you, you can get people interested. These people are typically known as "early adopters," and they can sometimes be a great source of funding. They are people who are already interested in your product and what it has to offer, and, if you ask, they may be willing to donate. You can also offer access to special future features for those who donate certain amounts. Or, you can promise discounts or other incentives to make people more likely to contribute to your app's funding. 

Consider a Loan

What about when you don't have the money to get your idea off the ground in even the most basic way? In these cases, your best bet may be to consider a loan to help fund your dream.

You could go with a traditional bank loan if you have good credit. Or, you could foot the bill with a credit card. If you don't have great credit, though, you may need to consider less traditional loans, such as title loans. What is a title loan? Simply put, it's a borrowing option that's available to almost anyone with a car title in their name. You use your title as loan collateral, which makes it easier to get the loan. You get cash quickly and then pay it off over time. Options like these can be a great resource for people with an awesome idea but few options for financing it.

Don't Be Too Proud to Ask for Help

Few great ideas are realized without the help of others. Thus, don't be too afraid or too proud to ask for it. Believe in your idea enough, and chances are that you can convince others to do the same as well.

You can simply go to friends and family members for help funding your idea. You may even want to offer them a percentage of your profits or other incentives to help support your cause. 

If that doesn't work or if you want to secure as much funding as possible, consider crowdfunding sites. If you can really sell your idea and promote your crowdfunding link, there's really no limit to how much money your idea could bring in.

Seek Out Investors

Something else you can try, either alone or in conjunction with some or all of these other ideas, is to secure meetings with investors, ideally investors who have invested in apps in the past. Look for investors with a history of investing in apps similar to but obviously not the same as yours. This takes some research on your part, but is worth it since you'll waste less time.

Of course, before you meet with investors, you'll need to prepare a careful pitch and lots of compelling reasons for why your app is the "next big thing." But, if you can handle that part, you may get lucky with some big-name investors, who could do a lot for your app and its future.

Ultimately, apps are huge right now. Everyone is using them, and if yours fulfills a need and catches people's attention, there's a great chance it can get funded. Try these tips and work hard, and you just might have the success you've been dreaming of!

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