New Social Media Site Parler Sees Surge of Users; Becomes US' Most Downloaded News App

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Social media dynasties such as Facebook and Twitter being a news source seems found another rival in the form of newly established social networking site Parler, which is now the US' number one most downloaded news app.

The rise of Parler started in mid-2020, during the time where the heat on Twitter regarding "potentially misleading" tweets of President Donald Trump about mail-in ballots began to surge. The surge got even bigger when a tweet encompassing "glorifying violence" about the George Floyd incident made its way to the timelines of the social media's users.

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A response for those circumstances was initiated by Parler. A "Declaration of Internet Independence" based on the US' Declaration of Independence was created by the new social media app. They started to use the hashtag #Twexit, a reference from the infamous "Brexit" that was term coined and used to call the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union (EU) and the European Atomic Energy Community last January 2020.

#Twexit was used to call a boycott to Twitter after the issues that surfaced its community began a widespread of misinformation and unruly statements. Also, it served as campaign for Twitter users to transfer to Parler and to use the latter's app for a new source of news, and at the same time to express one's sentiment or opinion regarding topics worldwide, without violence and censorship.

The Yesterday of US' Most Downloaded News App Today

Parler originates from Henderson, Nevada and was founded by the duo of University of Denver computer science program alumni John Matze who is Parler's Chief Executive Ofiicer (CEO), and Jared Thomson who is the company's Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

The social media app was launched in August 2018. Its rise followed through, developing its user base to 100,000 users by May 2019. Most of their first users were brought upon by endorsements of Twitter-banned accounts of some personalities, such as conservative activist Candace Owens who, by her alone, influenced 40,000 users to try and use the app, and the former campaign manager of Trump, Brad Parscale. Parler was looked upon by international news organization Reuters as a pro-Trump app, where they labeled it as "it served as a home for the supporters of the US President."

Today, the number of its users has propelled immensely. It was shown that more than 1.5 million users were estimated to run and use the app every single day. And today, as reported by The New York times, the service of Parler has seen its peak, with over 10 million total users, in which 4 million are active users.

Criticism is Part of the Process

Although it continues its unwavering success, not everyone is convinced of its usage and purpose. World renown Philanthropist, founder of Microsoft and multi-billionaire Bill Gates comments on about the rising social media's profound use, stating that it is for people who are into "crazy stuff." He integrates Parler as something that may suit users who are interested in "Holocaust denials."

Bill Gates is known for commenting and sharing his opinion on matters and things in the world, such as Parler. His influence is greatly seen and regarded. Nevertheless, Parler has a lot left in store in its tank to prove its presence as a new source of news, and a possibility of becoming a social media giant.

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