Former Twitch COO, Co-Founder Kevin Lin Announces Departure from the Streaming Platform Company

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Despite its consistent popularity, especially today when the pandemic forced people to stay indoors, online streaming platform Twitch will lose one of its founders, as the company's former Chief Operating Officer (COO) Kevin Lin announced his departure from the company he once help built and develop.

His announcement was seen in a Medium post. As seen from there, he remembered the long journey he and his other co-founders went through to establish the now most popular online streaming platform in the world. From being, to its rebranding and transformation to Twitch, he stated of how proud he is of what they achieved as the founders and creators of Twitch.

He also shared his early beginnings as a gamer. He mentioned that his desire for video games began after him being surprised by his parents with a Nintendo Famicon, stating it changed his life forever. Video games also was the reason he defined a "tunnel" that he found that led him to the online streaming platform.

He thanked the friends he met along the way during his tenure as Twitch COO and founder, including his co-founders Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, Emmett Shear and Michael Seibel. The outgoing co-founder showed his appreciation to whom he considers "family", saying that they are some of the brightest people he knew who helped him "irreversibly improve" his life. The mother company who supported them all throughout, Amazon, was also mentioned by Lin, thanking them for their utmost trust to their company.

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Lin Thanks all from the Twitch Staff and Community

Also, he sent his many thanks to the Twitch staff who he heavily praised for being dedicated to their work for the company, and their continued contribution to the world. He wants them to "continue to carry the torch", referring to its present staff who maintains the platform to bring the best experience to its users and fans.

He did not forget, of course, to thank the Twitch community, where he thanked them as the main reason the team behind Twitch continues to uphold their started commitment. From their honest feedbacks that helped them improve the overall experience they offered, to pushing them to bring the best out of Twitch, he genuinely appreciated every ounce of support and generosity of the fans, giving back that the company's success is the fans' success as well.

Lastly, he thanked his family, friends and loved ones who he would spend more time with. He did not give a clear statement of what could be his next plans moving forward, but he hopes to create something as remarkable as where he was a part of developing it. He wants to further explore the industry of video games, and to challenge himself as well to come up with something that could at least equal the success and established quality of Twitch.

He closed his post by reminding everyone to be good, kind, and excellent to themselves and to one another. He did not mention anything about the reason for his leaving, but the Twitch community is already sending their thanks to the former COO, as seen in the community and various social media sites.

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