5G Smartphone Sales in South Korea Expected to Skyrocket as Year-End Approaches

5G smartphones are now being seen on the market on some countries, and for a country like South Korea who is known for its advancement in technology and as the home country of Samsung, 5G smartphones are becoming more and more popular that a projected 10 million units could be shipped at the end of the year.

Counterpoint Research, a known market tracker indicates 5G network ready smartphones are becoming a thing nowadays, where an estimated 10.3 million units of it could headline smartphone sales charts as the most purchased smartphone classification this year, mounting more than half of its sales last year which turned to be only 5.1 million units.

5 million units of 5G smartphones were already sold in South Korea from January to September. That is only nine months towards the end of the year, compared to last year's total sales which equates that amount already. It sums up forty-nine percent of the total third quarter smartphone sales in the country.

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More sales are expected to be added, and it could see a skyrocket on the demand of 5G smartphones in the market as the holidays and Christmas season are nearly approaching.

The now most advanced technology standard for broadband cellular networks, 5G ready smartphones founds its place of dominance in South Korea as the country was the world's very first 5G network equipped nation, after the fist 5G network was launched in April 2019. 5G, being a fifth generation in telecommunications are now taking over countries all around the globe as the latest trend for their faster broadband and internet experience.

The first two Korean based telecom companies that utilized the 5G network technology are LG U+, and SK Telecom.

Paving the Way for 5G Smartphone Technology

SK Telecom spearheaded the resurgence of 5G, along with its partner, major telecommunications player in Switzerland, Swisscom. The early tests and trials of their 5G integration showed results of top-notching performances, residing at 110 Mbps on its overall speed. This was higher than some major telecom companies in South Korea, although they shared the country's 5G Availability award with rival company, LG U+.

LG U+ scored a bit lower than SK Telecom, with only 95.8 Mbps behind SK Telecom's. Although its download speed has made them as equally advanced as SK, with the latter winning the Opensignal's first award for 5G Download Speed, topping everyone else with an average of 237.2 Mbps, which is 16.8 MBps ahead of SK Telecom's 220.4 Mbps in download speed.

Today, not just South Korean based companies, but broadband and telecommunication companies in the world are now also integrating the 5G technology to their service. Telecom giants from the US and South America, such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are now offering 5G services across the areas they are available.

T-Mobile has pioneered the deployment of the world's very first 5G NR (New Radio) - a new radio access technology (RAT) created by the 3GPP for the 5G network system.

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