10 Awesome DIY Woodworking Tools to Add to Your Collection

10 Awesome DIY Woodworking Tools to Add to Your Collection
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Walking into a hardware store to find tools can be a very intimidating experience. There are many choices to make, and whether you are a beginner or an experienced woodworker, you never know which tool you will need next.

Whether a woodworker wants to build something simple or their next dream project, this list of 10 awesome DIY woodworking tools to add to your collection should get you started. From power drills to laser cutter reviews, they are all here.

Power Drill

There might be many woodworking tools that could be called "must-haves," but there can be few that top the need for a good power drill. It doesn't matter whether the woodworker is trying to drill a hole or use it as a screwdriver, a good power drill will make short work of the job. Better yet, cordless power drills make specific jobs a snap.

Orbital Sander

Regardless of the project, if it requires a nice finish, an orbital sander is the way to go. Perhaps best of all, despite having an oval shape, orbital sanders work side to side so that you can avoid those ugly swirl marks. Many woodworkers start simple, but as skills develop, it might be good to experiment with orbital sanders that offer features such as soft starts and dust collection systems.

Miter Saw

If cutting boards down is part of a woodworking repertoire, a miter saw is almost a necessity. Some people believe that a circular saw is better than a miter saw, but that's often just a matter of the type of work done and personal preference.

Laser Cutter

Many woodworkers might read this list and come upon laser cutters and say, "What? Aren't those for industrial users?" Yes and no. Thanks to several forward-looking manufacturers, laser cutters are not only more versatile than they ever were, but they are much less expensive.

Imaging turning out etchings on glass, wood, metal, and many other materials. Not only that, but the quality and professionalism of the finished results will rival the pros.

Shop Vacuum

Cleaning up after a big job is never fun, but any woodworker who wants to make short work out of cleanup chores will pick a good shop vacuum any day of the week.

Tape Measure

Anyone who does any amount of woodworking knows that it takes a good tape measure to do practically anything in a shop. Try to find one that has easy-to-read numbers and is sturdy enough to withstand crumpling over longer lengths. It's also a good idea to have one that lists fractions above each line for those times when you want to measure past the ½" mark.

Speed Square

Every woodworker knows the feeling of finishing a project, and they didn't check for square. Fortunately, with a speed square, things will always end up at a 90-degree angle just like they should be.

Kreg Jig

Any woodworker who wants to take their projects to a whole new level should invest in a Kreg jig. This handy little tool is so simple and easy to use that it's almost easy to forget that finished projects will end up with the strongest joints possible.


No woodworker ever had enough clamps. They're almost like having a third hand. Go ahead and buy 6" and 12" sets of F-style clamps. You will need them. We promise.

And, while you're at it, corner clamps are also a good idea because they make jobs so much easier. They are like having a second pair of hands.

Eye and Hearing Protection

No woodworker should ever use power tools without wearing eye and hearing protection. Better yet, buy several sets of each to have them available. You will have an excuse for not using them.

Hopefully, this article has answered that compelling question, "What tools does a woodworker need?" The truth is that many woodworkers will give you different lists, but this is a start you won't regret.

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