TTP Looks Forward to New Medical Tech CoTest's Potential in line with COVID-19

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UK-based company The Technology Partnership, or TTP, looks forward to adding more innovation to their brand of developing technological services. A partnership with CoTest - a new technology developed amidst the worldwide pandemic situation brought upon by the COVID-19 was revealed yesterday, November 24.

CoTest was made to provide top-notch convenience to those who would undergo COVID-19 testing. It allows mass screening for individuals, ranging from 30 to 40 people at once, to determine their positivity or negative rate associated with the virus. It is now classified as a 'pool screening' tech, and the results of the testing could have a waiting time of only 30 minutes. This could also be used in any preferred location.

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Another advantage of using CoTest is that anyone could use it. No specialist or medical personnel are required to be physically present to utilize this newly invented technology. As described by TTP Product Development lead Peter Crossley, he noted that the tech is not the same as other existing mass testing-based services or technology. He added that it is designed and made to be a simple instrument, highlighting that it is "compact," and people without medical technology expertise or specialist support experience can still learn to maneuver CoTest.

Yet, the TTP executive stated that having the support required to fully maximize the tech could open up the possibility of CoTest being available in schools, businesses, and other establishments. It could serve as a tool on how to manage the virus.

The Early Days of TTP's Tech Development

TTP has already established its place in the modern technology scene and industry. The company was founded in 1987, with their mantra of believing deeply in "culture and freedom." Their scientists, inventors, engineers, and other personnel have the utmost capacity to fully maximize their well-thought ideas, as long as it caters to technological advancement for the betterment of society and the world as a whole.

They were housed in the Melbourne Science Park in Melbourne, England. Since then, they started to develop different projects that are inclined with various technological aspects, such as the The Automation Program or TAP, which is a part of the industry that services control, electromedical, measuring, and navigational instruments. Now TAP is a separate company from TTP but continues the original TAP's mission of technological innovation in its equipped fields of sciences.

TTP was also the mind behind the DnaNudge technology after they tagged along with Quotient to launch the very first fully automated diagnostic testing platform available in the world. It caters to services with in-demand usage during this pandemic, such as the rapid, high-performance testing for COVID-19.

The company firmly believes in the capacity and capability of CoTest to play a big role in the medical technological development, particularly on the trend of COVID-19 virus as cases continue to spike in different parts of the world with the end of the year nearly approaches.

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