Tesla CEO Elon Musk Gives a Glimpse of Future Offerings; Hatchbacks, 621-mile Cars Possible

Tesla Model S
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Hints for the next projects of electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla were somewhat revealed at the recently concluded European Battery Conference. Tesla Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk provided some details and 'clues' about the current and future developments of the company, including 'hatchbacks' and the 621-mile battery range for cars.

One of the things the Tesla CEO mentioned was the possibility of the company making a compact car, which is likely to be a hatchback. He said that it would make sense to develop such a car with that body configuration because of its popularity and demand in Europe that started even in the early years of the 1970s.

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Hatchbacks are the car model structures that people from Europe often prefer, rather than bigger cars as compared to the taste and preference of those from the US. One of the reasons for this is the tight parking space available in the different areas and vicinities of Europe. Musk even experienced it by himself. He told a story that he tried to park a Tesla Model X in Berlin, and he had difficulty finding the appropriate parking space.

Possible Addition of European Talents

Tesla was reported that it is currently developing a factory also near Berlin, Germany. Tesla labeled it as a 'gigafactory.' Cars that could be tailored for European buyers and customers are said to be the main aim of their new facility. It will soon start to develop new and specific models once the construction and development of the factory would be finished.

Musk also gave appreciation to European talents, saying that he thinks that there are "a lot of talent, talented designers and engineers" in Europe. He also described that the best ones from the European talent he referred to could prefer to work somewhere where originality is highly regarded, commenting that the potential employees from Europe may want to work on something that would not just only considered to be a European version of something, but something that was originally made by their own ideas and innovation.

Going the 621-mile Mark

One innovation he also talked about is the current and future state of their cars' battery capabilities. Musk made remarks on his interview in the conference as well that the company's future releases may debut cars that could potentially run and hit up to 621 miles of range. As of the moment, vehicles that are hitting 430 miles are being processed by Tesla and could see a sooner debut in the near future.

Their Tesla Semi, an electronic truck that already possesses the almost 430-mile capability (427 as of the writing) could possibly be upgraded to the 621-miles power of their batteries on the works. The trucks are also projected to carry as much as 40 tons.

Aside from the future of the company and its upcoming designs and models, one of his main goals is for everyone to afford electronic vehicles (EV). That is why Tesla continues to seek innovation through their further advancements that at the same time, could be cheaper on the market rather than being a car only for the elite.

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