Genshin Impact: A Guide to Salvage Meteorite Remains in Phase Two of Limited-Time Event

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2020 breakout hit game Genshin Impact, being an online-based game, brings different limited-time events for all players across the globe. Their latest one, the "Unreconciled Stars" event, is a three-phase event and would last for two weeks. Many consider this event the biggest one yet on the game's whole duration so far.

The first phase of the event is called the "Unknown Star", which was launched last November 16. It involves players to go on an adventure set in Teyvat. They are given a task to collect samples of meteorite shards and reawaken the locals of Teyvat. Items and unlockable resources such as the Fading Star's Essence and the Fading Star's Might could be exchanged in the Event Shop to redeem some unique rewards.

The Road to More Rewards, Including Fischl

The second phase of the event, known as the "Star of Deceitful Dreams", followed through in November, which was only two days after the release of Unknown Star. In this phase, players are given a mission to salvage meteorite remains, which in time could be used to unlock rewards, like the much-awaited character Fischl, a lightning archer who is highly-regarded in Genshin Impact for its high attack speed, elemental skills, and abilities that easily integrate electro and trigger elemental reactions.

A known hard to unlock characters in the game could now be obtained through easier means; by maximizing the phase two event of Unreconciled Stars. 

Here are the ways to complete Star of Deceitful Dreams by utilizing salvaged meteorite remains:

A quest in the same phase called "The Crisis Deepens" must be finished to proceed hunting for the meteorite remains. After the quest, the player can now have the ability to salvage the desired resources for the event.

Meteorites are set all around the area of Teyvat. All of those are marked on the map, having players to find and locate the meteorite remains available. At this phase, players could be helped by their friends to find and hunt the meteorites. Then the player must speak to Mona, who is marked as the purple circle on the player's map. While the player speaks with her, choosing the 'astrology' option could potentially provide random locations of the other meteorite remains.

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Upon reaching the exact location of the meteorites, they could interact with those, yet waves of enemies are set to appear, and the player must defeat those first (as the same as the Genshin Impact Leylines) before activating the meteorites in their chosen difficulty. Different difficulties mean different amounts of meteorite remains as rewards upon completing the quest. For every opponent that will be defeated, it would eventually make the player's overall progress a higher level, allowing them to complete the desired salvage of meteorite remains.

Just remember to not go outside the designated circle as it would then decrease the progress made every second the player steps outside it. Characters that could go on a long-range fight are advisable to be used on this quest.

Also, players are given a bonus of 30 primogems for every five meteorites that are salvaged. This would last until a total of 30 salvages has already been done. Getting Fischl would require 14 complete salvages, and then a battle pass bonus could follow through after 18 salvages. 

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