Apple Patents New Technology That Could Detect Broken Glass on Cars' Windshields

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World-renown multi-tech company Apple has seen innovation once again and this time, in a more practical and unusual way. The company has come up with a technology to detect a car's broken glass on their windshields and could arrive in the market very soon.

The news about the technology came from the Road Show, a part or segment from the official website of CNET, an established American media and news website that releases and publishes news, articles, reviews, blogposts, videos, and podcasts about technology and electronic related subjects. 

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The patent of the new technology was applied last November 19. It features a system that is comprised of two pieces of a board-like materiel made of glass that squeezes a thin layer of conductive film. An electrical signal incorporated within the system could then eventually catch and detect the resistance being reacted by the glass from interferences that caused a certain crack which resulted in the glass of the windshield being broken.

The patent drawings are not yet officially released, yet some are already considering this technology as some 'extra' for the company. The potential of the technology from a consumer or a customer's point of view could not be seen 'as of now' because of its purpose being already catered by the users themselves, yet this is with only a few limited details are available to the public's knowledge.

While some may find this technology unnecessary as spots of broken glass could easily be seen with just using the human eyes, this may see usage from vehicular and automotive companies that continues to develop and create cars and other forms of vehicles as almost all the cars in the world have windshields.

Other possible reasons for companies to use such technology is to determine if the cracks of their customers' purchased cars are brought upon within the scope of the warranty provided on their vehicles or not. The system is speculated to have a certain connection within the cars' computer-generated system, or the artificial intelligence or AI programmed on to it.

More and More AIs for Cars Are Being Made

More and more computer systems or AIs are being developed by car and automotive companies, as well as different technological companies that that are being seen to secure partnerships with car manufacturers. Examples of this include self-driving car systems that are being created and developed by various tech companies nowadays to ensure a safer driving capacity for car users and enthusiasts.

Recently, then South Korea based turned Silicon Valley company ThorDrive has partnered with the Cincinatti/Northern Kentucky International Airport or more known as CVG to utilize the former's own developed autonomous vehicles (AV) system. It then would be applied to the vehicles that surround the latter's area and vicinities to provide safer interactions with the airport goers and also to the airport personnel and staff through smoother driving and maneuvering of the cars especially during peak seasons of flights and travels.

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