eSports Platform Now Acquired by Microsoft Tournament Roundtable Discussion
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eSports tournament platform has now been acquired by multi-tech company Microsoft upon entering an undisclosed deal announced yesterday through the official Twitter account.

This is one big move that will greatly affect The company was established in 2015 which has then been used as a platform for organizing and executing eSports events and tournaments for five years to date. Now, Microsoft will have the chance to utilize the eSports platform which could hint possible eSports tournaments and events headed by Microsoft in the future.

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The announcement through the Twitter post of the five-year-old company was then confirmed by its now owner Microsoft. Another tweet by MSN eSports has been shared to the public, stating that will be joining them at Microsoft. The tweet also gave a glimpse of how could will be used under the command of Microsoft, wherein it mentioned that "same great tournament organization features, same amazing team." Through The Years has been the home for various competitive video games, and then turned into eSports and online tournaments. It includes the renowned crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Epic Games' hit Fortnite, video game tournament from famous real life trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh called Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, and vehicular soccer video game Rocket League.

Now with their incorporation to Microsoft, the platform is expected to gain a lot more support from the company, not just financially but also on the technological and creative advancements and aspects of the platform. It would then benefit Microsoft to strengthen its venture on eSports, which could also support the existing games under the company that are already developing its eSports nature.

As of the moment, there are two games under the Microsoft company that continues to strive for it to become an eSports, which are now seen with their respective eSports leagues. Both games are set on their own console format, the Xbox.

Microsoft Supported eSports

The first one is the Gears of War, or more known worldwide as Gears. It is a third person shooter game that was created by Fortnite creators Epic Games and was developed and managed by Canadian video game developer The Coalition. It was published by the Xbox Game Studios, which also owns The Coalition. Tournaments are being done online on the official website of Gears eSports league.

The other one is the Halo series of games. Halo is considered to be the flagship game of the Xbox console. It was developed by the 343 Industries, which is also owned by Halo's publisher, Xbox Game Studios. It is a military science fiction game which has found profound success in the Xbox gaming scene since it was first released in 2001. Currently with its fifth version, the sixth installment of the game is scheduled for release in 2021. And today, the eSports league of the Xbox classic is also being supported by Microsoft, with tournaments being also held online, the same as the Gears eSports. could be potentially utilized with the current Microsoft supported games when it finally arrives on the company's arms and ownership. They may still continue the games which they provide service before the acquisition became official.

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