Video Game Revolution: The Google Stadia

In 2019, multi-tech giant Google released its own platform to support video game streaming, called the Google Stadia. Though it did not find much success upon its release, gamers and critics are now gradually seen to use the platform, especially with its capacity to run console games even without the actual console itself.

More commonly known as Stadia, the platform's capabilities are often compared to the features of Netflix, which is currently the number one movie and show streaming platform in the world today.

Users of Stadia can access games that are originally being played on various video game consoles, such as Sony's PlayStation series, the Microsoft-owned Xbox series, the Japanese video game dynasty Nintendo's DS, 3DS, and Switch, and various gaming PCs.

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All the Stadia requires to run those games include a screen, a compatible controller, and the Chromecast Ultra, a computer-like device that utilizes the Google Chrome browser.

Along with the requirements mentioned, like Netflix, the video game streaming platform has various versions of its subscriptions available. It ranges from a free version, a paid version, and another paid version, which costs higher than the other paid ones.

Google Stadia Versions

The free version of the platform is called the Stadia Base. Video games can be accessed indefinitely using this version; however, it would require players to purchase the video game they wish to play. With this version of Stadia, it could be feasible to use Google-compatible devices and gadgets even without completely buying the Stadia hardware kit.

The paid version costs 9.99 USD, and it is called the Stadia Pro. This is where most likely the platform is being compared to Netflix, where Stadia Pro provides a wide variety of choices of video games in a catalog-like offering feature. Yet games change from time to time every month; they could be claimed as long as the subscription to Stadia Pro is active and currently running. It would also stay and go through even if the subscription lapses at any point in time.

Another version of the Stadia subscription called the Stadia Premiere edition features a one-time version where the hardware kit includes the Google Chromecast Ultra and the Stadia controller. A month of Stadia Pro is also in the package. Its price is set at 99.99 USD. After a month, the subscription may be continued, whether it is the Stadia Base or the Stadia Pro.

Though the Google video game streaming platform's features may sound astounding, early users and critics of the platform were not really impressed by its service. The platform's issues were seen on its early release, like an input lag being noticed by users, the paid subscription characteristic as the only way to access it, and its unavailability to the IOS for Apple-based users.

Although reports about Google already developing an iOS version for Stadia have been circulating media.

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