Can We Trust AI to Design Logos?

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Artificial intelligence can do a lot of amazing things. MIT Technology Review mentions that Facebook has managed to teach an AI agent to navigate without using a map. However, the one thing that AI has yet to figure out how to do correctly is to create something that human beings find expressive or artistic. This particular problem stems from the fact that AI can't accurately simulate humans on a fundamental level, even though it may simulate their behavior. Art is an expression of the human condition, and AI can't understand, much less create that as yet. Despite this, recent developments have seen AI start being a lot more creative, offering logo designs that aren't half bad.

Learning From Real People

Most designers can get paid a hefty sum for company logo design. However, it's still a mostly hit-or-miss thing since businesses don't really have a solid idea of what they want most of the time. The result is a very frustrated design professional and a client that doesn't know what they want but doesn't like what they have. Each design can run a professional a few hours at least to perfect and polish it. But there is a way around this time-consuming methodology. Website builder Zygo has launched a logo generator using artificial intelligence to help companies do their logo designs.

Logos From Scratch

The AI is revolutionary in that Zygo claims that it's the first one of its kind. Several other logo design sites offer AI agents helping clients put designs together, but Zygo's artificial intelligence designer is different. Instead of taking a template and putting things in to fit together, Zygo's AI designs the entire thing from scratch. The tool allows a user to select from a library of hand-drawn AI designs and fine-tune it until the logo is exactly what the business wants. Since it's an AI-based bot, there's no need to worry about any back-and-forth between the client and the designer.

Iterations At The Drop of a Hat

Logo design can be a very involved process and a logo can take anywhere between fifteen to twenty hours of work to complete, not counting the amount of time spent liaising with the client. However, an AI designer doesn't have to deal with the long, complicated process of redoing a design from scratch every time. Instead, the user can simply keep what they like about it and toss out the rest. The AI can then learn from what the user kept as part of the design and make a second and third iteration sticking to the client's guidelines.

Hints For the Uninformed

AI based logo design solutions and or tools have their own limitations regarding creativity & uniqueness as most of them as template generated. And most importantly any AI design solutions might have trademark, copyright and IP issues to be dealt with. Whereas, crowdsourced graphic design marketplace like DesignBro approves only pre-vetted and world's best 5% creative logo designers. At DesignBro logo design contest lets their logo designers compete for your business. This drives original and high-quality logo submissions for your business brand. You can then choose the winning design which will be fully yours and delivered in all necessary files.

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