How to Buy from AliExpress

How to Buy from AliExpress
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Low prices have always been the reason why many users tend to buy products from AliExpress. The opportunity to save quite a significant amount of money in many cases neutralizes such drawbacks as waiting for a parcel from China. We will analyze in detail how to buy on AliExpress and what risks may arise. You will find step-by-step instructions, thanks to which you will learn about all the intricacies of working with the trading platform.

Correctly Filling Your Address

You can get acquainted with the assortment of goods on the trading platform without registration. However, before ordering anything on AliExpress, you will have to create your account. In it, you can view the history of all orders if you are an avid customer and cannot remember all your purchases. The personal account also contains all statistics and history of correspondence with retailers.

To create a profile, you must fill out the appropriate form. By clicking on the "Register" button, you need to enter the key information: e-mail, name, and surname; password (twice); and the code from the picture. All fields are required. When the questionnaire is completed, you need to click on the "Create your profile" button. You can also link the created account directly to your Facebook account. The corresponding button is located at the beginning of the form.

Choose Your Seller

In almost 100% of cases, there is no problem finding the right product on AliExpress. Dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of sellers, offer the same product at different prices. Avid shopaholics already have their store base, but those who are just starting their journey on AliExpress and do not know how to buy correctly will have to sweat with choosing reliable sellers.

It would be best if you focused on several key parameters: reviews, the number of orders; product evaluation; rating; and share of positive reviews. Most buyers look at reviews first. They help find out the necessary information about the seller in general and a particular product. It is worth noting that the study of user reviews should be approached responsibly and carefully so as not to get caught on an account with cheated reviews. This is one of the risks that you face when ordering things on AliExpress. To exclude this and other risks, you can use the handy AliExpress price tracker.

How to Order from AliExpress 

If you have decided on the desired product, all that remains is to place an order and pay for it. If you do not plan to search for anything else on Aliexpress, you should click on the Buy Now button on the lot page. In a situation where you want to continue shopping online, click on "Add to cart." In the first case, you will immediately go to the checkout page. The form consists of three points: choosing a delivery address, checking order details, and the payment method.

You entered the address after registering on the site. If you have not registered, then the moment has come when you will have to create an account. You can change the address (if it was specified earlier) or add a new one. In the second block, check your order details. You can choose a delivery method, find out its duration and cost, as well as the price of the entire order as a whole. If you wish, you can leave a comment for the seller.

Payment Methods

After you have settled all the order and delivery address questions, you need to decide how to pay for your purchase on AliExpress. This can be done in one of the most convenient ways for you: VISA or MasterCard; PayPal; WebMoney; Transfer Wire; Western Union.

To pay by card, you must fill out an additional form, which includes the following fields:

  • Card number (16 characters)

  • Validity period (month/year)

  • Security code (CVV-code - three digits on the back of the card)

  • Name and surname of the cardholder 

You will be redirected to your bank's page to confirm the transaction (by entering a code from an SMS message or via a smartphone app). If everything goes well, you will receive a notification.


On AliExpress, only an approximate delivery time is indicated, for example, from 18 to 30 days. Unfortunately, the delivery may take longer. Under normal circumstances, you can receive the parcel in a couple of weeks. All this time, you can track the status of the order.

Summing Up

Now you have learned everything you need to place orders on AliExpress. Remember all the tricks of the dishonest salespeople, so you don't lose money. And do not forget that in most cases, you will be able to get your funds back by opening a dispute, even if you have to wait a bit. Enjoy your shopping spree!

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