OnePlus 9 Pro Could Have An IP68 Rating, Leaks Reveal

OnePlus 8 Pro
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Dust and water-resistant features on mobile and smartphones continue to be integrated on some recent and future releases of mobile phone companies, including China-based company OnePlus who utilized the feature with their OnePlus 8 Pro. And it could be followed with a second model in the form of their upcoming OnePlus 9 series, which could have an IP68 rating.

As their latest release already has equipped the dust and water-resistant feature, it is unlikely that it would not appear on to their next series of releases on the same range as the OnePlus 8 Pro. Yet leaks for the upcoming OnePlus 9 series somewhat determined this theory. A known leaker Max Jambor who has established himself as a leaker with a track record of his own reiterated some of the upcoming models features.

Info from the Leaks

Jambor mentioned that OnePlus 9 Pro variant from the OnePlus 9 series of phones will also be rated with a IP68 rating, meaning it could resist and withstand dust, dirt, and sand. Phones labeled with this rating could also resist up to 1.5 meters of water depth submersion that could last up to 30 minutes. This was also the rating of the OnePlus predecessor which was the OnePlus 8 Pro, and there could be no reason why this rating would not be available for their next phone releases.

Yet even this feature is almost a guarantee for the next series, other OnePlus 9 variants which are the lower end of it, such as the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9E might not get the feature in which those which are classified with the Pro variants are having as of the moment. It could also indicate that the OnePlus 9E could be potentially a lower end phone compared to the OnePlus 9 Pro variant.

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There are no official announcements for the upcoming phone variant as of now. The IP rating mentioned could still not be sorted out yet without testing it and performing some demos solely for the feature's capacity to do so. Although some suspect and expect that it will see release next year, especially in April 2021 which will mark the first-year anniversary of the OnePlus 8 release, it could be announced on a certain date and the release will immediately follow with only a matter of days as difference.

OnePlus 8 - The Predecessor

The OnePlus 8 series, of course including the OnePlus 8 Pro were revealed to the public on April 14, 2020. Its release in the market was April 21, in Europe, and was followed by the US release on April 29. This pattern could also be adapted once again with the OnePlus 9 release, and some may immediately grab their own units following the reveal.

The OnePlus 8 Pro also was equipped with the wireless charging feature. It is caped with a warp charging system comprised of 30 watts charging capability. All the OnePlus 8 variants were water resistant, although the 8 Pro was the only one with the IP rating.

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