'Minecraft' YouTube Sensation Dream Might Hire Experts Statisticians Over Cheating Allegations

Dream's Minecraft Speedrun 1.16
Photo : Screenshot from Dream's Official YouTube Channel

Minecraft content creator and YouTube sensation Dream could go on to hire expert statisticians to prove his claim that he is innocent of the cheating allegations thrown on to him for his Minecraft 1.16 speedrun.

The YouTuber claims that his speedrun was legitimate, and called the accusations "total BS." Although re revealed through his pots on his official Twitter account that his record was rejected due to the account of it which was regarded as too unlikely to verify.

Dream garnered some support from majority of his fans. His tweet has now 150,000 likes and was retweeted several times by fans with expressions of their support for the Minecraft star. Yet at the same time, he also received some form of criticism from users as well, most especially on how Dream responded to the cheating claims and allegations.

Dream Claims He's Innocent

He also posted a message on community website Reddit where he added another post to further support his claims of innocence regarding the cheating issue. He mentioned that as he did not use cheating of any form, he believes there is a way to somehow prove it through numbers and statistics, yet he also said that he does not know how to since he is not a mathematician after all.

That was when he opened the idea of hiring multiple well-renowned expert statisticians who could look up on to the numbers and data presented, as well as taking up a role on to his response against the backlash surrounding his name today.

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Various statisticians, analysts and computer experts have become a part of the competitive video game industry, especially on the eSports scene. Others are even dedicated to fully monitor game developments and issues being reported to the game developers and servers, even if most of the games are already equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) systems which tracks down illegal acts on the game themselves.

At the same time of his posting on Reddit, he also indicated that he is also open for the possibility of talking and negotiating with developers of the game itself, and also to other prominent figures which may see involvement regarding this case. He also took time to address the "harassment" from the part of the game mods and verifiers which he faced while being investigated about his situation, in which it was from there where his agitated behavior and responses rooted from.

Cheating Allegations on Streamers

Dream's issue is just one of the many cheating allegation issues that were rampant on the video game streaming industry.

Last month, two streamers from top video game streaming platform Twitch were banned definitely from joining tournaments and game competitions in the platform. The streamers, namely xQc and GrandPooBear were accused and proven guilty of stream sniping - wherein both streamers were proven to watch ongoing streams of their competitors while being actively participating on a tournament for the game Fall Guys in the recently held Glitchcon last November 14.

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