'Overwatch' Christmas Winter Wonderland 2020 Skins: Here Are the Legendary and Weekly Challenges Skins

Overwatch Winter Wonderland
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Blizzard Entertainment's team-based multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) "Overwatch" continues its annual tradition of bringing their limited-time holiday event Winter Wonderland, along with their new holiday-themed skins for the players.

There are five new legendary skins, and three epic skins which can be grabbed upon doing the weekly challenges within the time frame of the limited-time event. All of those are what is in store for all the players of the game worldwide. The legendary skins could be purchased for a price of 3,000 credits which are all available in the Hero Gallery. It could also be obtained through the Winter Wonderland loot box, yet there is no guarantee that a legendary skin could be surely picked.

Here is the list of all the game's newly released skins in line with the Winter Wonderland event:

'Overwatch' Christmas Winter Wonderland 2020 Legendary Skins

Penguin Mei

The newest skin for one of the most used damage heroes in the game of "Overwatch" is one true adorable skin themed with a penguin-like design. It was one of the first two legendary skins revealed on social media by the game developers themselves. It then caught immediate attention and recognition as it was regarded as a true Winter Wonderland collectible, and a must have for some.

Toybot Zenyatta

This was one of the first two legendary skins that has seen an advanced reveal along with the Penguin Mei skin. The support hero's new skin is characterized with as a toy robot just in time for the season of giving. Some may look at this as a real toy robot and may just prefer to play it as a toy rather than a character in the game.

Ice Empress Moira

Another support hero, Moira's new Ice Empress skin surely impresses as the design of her new cosmetic fits on her decisive and fierce look. Her orbs may shoot ice-like kinds of balls instead of the traditional violet orbs.

Conductor Reinhardt

Reinhardt is the only tank hero to receive a new skin in this year's edition of the Winter Wonderland. Although other may see the new skin as somehow the least received among all the Winter Wonderland skins, it may still be viable as his new look could be compared to a bulky football player with full armor.

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Lumberjack Torbjorn

The last but not the least on the legendary skins list, Torbjorn's Lumberjack skin may arguably be considered as the best skin in this year's event and may go head-to-head with the Penguin Mei skin. The simple yet striking and ferocious aesthetic when Tobjorn wears the outfit gives a bad-guy, cool vibe at the same time.

Epic Skins from the Weekly Challenges:

Elf Junkrat (December 15-22)

Dubbed as the scavenger, mercenary damage hero, Junkrat's new Elf skin may not look like as a holiday themed skin, but more of a creepy Christmas experience, just like the Grinch for example.

Gingerbread Ana (December 22-29)

The support sniper Ana's Gingerbread skin name says it all - it's Christmas in town. It also may give a red-riding hood vibe but her vicious look and on-point snipes in battle could turn the tables and transform the sweet to a deadly sharpshooter.

Frosty Roadhog (December 29-January 5)

Roadhog is the tank hero to receive an epic skin during this limited-time event. His Frosty skin look also could be classified on to the creepy Christmas experience along the Elf Junkrat skin. Though "christmasy" in visualization, it could also bring some sort of a spooky sense on to it.

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