Canoo's Upcoming EV Delivery Van MPDV Is Worth $33,000 Available in Two Variants

Canoo's New MPDV
Photo : Screenshot from Canoo's Official YouTube Channel

American electric vehicle (EV) startup Canoo announced on Thursday their very new EV delivery van following their passenger electric vehicle, while another upcoming electric truck is also being teased along with the announcement.

The new EV delivery van is also labeled as a multipurpose delivery van or MPDV which could cater last-mile and long drive deliveries, as well as other small businesses. The set price for the standard version of the EV delivery van begins at 33,000 USD, which goes higher as the size would also go beyond the standard.

MPDV as Part of Canoo's 'Re-Founding'

The upcoming van would be the headliner and centerpiece of the company's "re-founding" in which the new executive chairman of Canoo himself, Toni Aquila has told sources. The new EV delivery van is set for production in 2022, slating almost 2 years from the announcement of the van by Canoo on the NASDAQ stock exchange which will end next week.

The executive chairman even added through the video unveiling of the MPDV that the upcoming vehicle has many use cases, in which it can perform and fulfill as being used. He also mentioned that he along with the company wanted to make it to "look very smart, very modern" but at the same time for it to be "very affordable."

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As mentioned, that the production would begin in 2022, the projected end would be in 2023, whereas of the moment the expected time span of producing is only slated for at least one year. Although there still no yet specific word regarding the actual plan for the production of the upcoming MPDV, the company announced that they would have a strategic relationship with Magna International - a renowned contract manufacturer and auto supplier based in Canada.

The MPDV Variants

The company also announced that the MPDV will be available in two sizes, depending on the battery sizes and the EV ranges as well. The first variant, the MPDV 1, has an expected mile range of 130-230 miles. That is already a tough mileage for an EV van. The other variant on the other hand which is the MPDV 2 lists a lower mile range which is slated at 90-190 miles.

It also illustrates that the MPDV 1 is much smaller than MPDV2. The smaller variant would list 200 cubic feet of cargo as its official size and is merely compared to the likes of the Kia Niro which has almost the same length as the MPDV 1 but about seven inches wider. The taller MPDV2 on the other hand lists 450 cubic feet of space as its projected measurement. Both variants will be powered by the same motor which is placed on their front axles. It is equipped with a performance of 200 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque.

Currently, the company is already taking reservations online which includes a 100 USD refundable deposits for the vehicles available on Canoo's official website.

The unveiling also saw the company teasing a what has appeared a car and a pickup truck which were under two sheets.

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