The Best Free Entertainment Apps to Download Now

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Almost everyone has a mobile device right now, with over 3 billion users in the world, it's become one of the primary modes of online entertainment. Online apps have made entertainment available at everyone's fingertips. Around 88% of time on a mobile is spent on apps, undoubtedly increasing the demand for more. 

There's a wide range of entertainment available and there's no shortage of choice, whether it's videos, social networks, betting sites, books, and much more. For the entertainment lovers out there, this article will discuss ten of the best free entertainment apps to download right now. 


Available on the App Store and Google Play, Ablo is a social networking platform where people can connect worldwide, and in their own language thanks to a live chat translator tool. Users can have one-on-one conversations and get to know someone from another country, as well as have video chats, translated subtitles, and add friends to an online profile. 


With Byte, available on iOS and Android, users can share custom-made, short-form videos with others, the video is a fifteen second loop. Various categories include, 'Food', 'Comedy', 'Art', and more. Users are able to watch video content posted by other Byte users, as well as follow, like, and make comments.  Additionally, there are trending videos that users can stay up to date with. To shoot and post a video, users can either use the in-app camera or upload a video from their mobile device.   

Co-Star Personalized Astrology

The Co-Star App, available on iOS and Android, uses AI technology to combine data from NASA with professional astrologers to track planets, as well as a map of the sky to chart the time of birth to develop a personalized Natal astrology chart. Users can also track their Zodiac signs, which gives detailed information about the various aspects of each sign. 


Goodreads, available on the App Store and Google Play, is a social cataloging website where users can log their latest reads, and any other books they would like to read, on a reading list. Searching features include a database of annotations or quotes, alongside searching various reviews; users can also add ratings and reviews. Other tools include recommendations from the history of books read, genres, and recommendations of trending books to read across a variety of categories to choose from. 

Infinity (Reddit)

Infinity is part of Reddit and allows users to subscribe to various subreddit accounts and access them from the app, as well as vote, comment, share and save posts. Users can enjoy the app without any ads, and customize it to a dark theme or 'Lazy' mode, which automates scrolling. 


Letterboxd, available on the App Store and Android, is a social networking platform, but with the aim of sharing information and opinions about favorite films. Users can keep records of the films they've watched, add ratings and reviews, as well as keep a list of films to watch in the future. There are also various film lists to choose from, made and recommended by other users.  


RBdigital is an online platform, much like an online library, where users can borrow various media like ebooks, magazines, comics, audiobooks, and videos and access it via their mobile device. Users will be required to sign up with their local library to access media on RBdigital, if their local library is using this platform. 

Threads (Instagram)

Instagram Threads, available on the App Store and Android, allow users to share posts and videos only with a select group of close friends and family, it offers more privacy versus sharing to the entire Instagram feed. Users can share messages, videos, stories, and photos. 

VR Checker

The VR Checker on Google Play allows users to explore Virtual Reality on their mobile devices. It's downloadable from the Play Store, which will indicate compatibility when starting to download. 

Zoom Cloud Meetings 

Zoom is a collaborative app, used worldwide by many to connect with loved ones or colleagues. Users can enable video calls, audio calls or both with upto 100 people who can join the call. Additionally, there are various features like customizable backgrounds, safe driving mode, screen sharing, and more. 

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