Twitter opens its analytics to the Web, lets users see how often they're ignored

By Michael Mayday , Jun 14, 2013 09:12 AM EDT

Twitter will now allow all of its users to track and delve into the success of their tweets with the company's own analytics platform, previously only available to advertising partners.

The Twitter Analytics platform allows users to check the success - or failure - of their tweets.

All a user has to do in order to access the versatile analysis platform is log into The page is still targeted towards advertisers, prompting users to enter targeted audiences and list tweets to promote, but the larger analysis program is available to all users.

Users will be able to take a look at their history of tweeting with Twitter's Timeline Activity view, showing the last 30 days of tweets. That view will provide users with how many retweets, favorites, replies received, how many times links in tweets have been clicked and highlights any tweets which perform well. Users can download all of this data into a CSV file for their own records if they so choose.

There is an option available for users to take an analytical look at their followers, though it doesn't seem to be working for some users at the at the moment. And, according to Slate, some users are seeing their tweets being listed as having no click-throughs, though other tracking programs, like Bitly, show thousands.

If the service remains, it could offer a cheap and easy way for content creators and marketers to track their Twitter campaigns while eliminating the need for third-party tracking programs.

And giving more users access to data about their tweets could be a good way of luring them into paying for promoted tweets, one of Twitter's methods of monetizing its service. Notably, an account settings and billing button is located near a user's profile button.

Twitter has said little about the service, and hasn't said if it'll remain freely available.

"We've been experimenting giving the analytics feature to small groups of users outside our advertising clients," a Twitter spokesperson said to Slate. "We've been happy with the response thus far, and will determine next steps after the conclusion of these tests."

The scoop was first noted by Twitter account @bdconf, Slate reports.

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