Best Multiplayer Games for Makes New Friends

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Are you looking for friends to play games with? Or do you just want to make new friends online? Gaming has always been an excellent platform for people to enjoy and release stress. However, recently multiplayer games have been getting quite popular, mainly because playing with friends just enhances the gaming experience. Although there is a massive list of online multiplayer games, only a few are worth playing.

Here is my list of games that are unmatched in socializing and will help you make new friends. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Old School Runescape

It's almost impossible not to add an MMORPG to the list when talking about socializing. While there are quite a few MMOs in the community, Old School Runescape deserves the top spot. Not only is the game ideal for making new friends, but it is also free-to-play with a fair amount of content to enjoy. The minigames in OSRS are co-op, therefore promoting more interaction with other players. This is an excellent way of making friends and improving your combat skills. You can subscribe to the game for more content, and trust me; it'll be worth it. The game is pretty fun to play with friends; however, farming for gold can be tedious. You can buy OSRS gold online from Eldorado at a low cost without having to struggle much. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game right now and play with your new friends.

Sky: Children of the light

Recently, a few multiplayer games have been released, but barely any of them are as captivating as Sky: Children of the light. Sky, with its breathtaking visuals, offers an otherworldly experience that will leave you awe-struck. Everything about this game is simply beautiful; The concept, the story, the music, and even the multiplayer system. Sky is all about meeting new people and exploring the seven realms with them. The game has unique gestures like hugging, holding hands, and flying which bring the players together. Sky is the best game for sharing new experiences and making friends.


Have you ever wanted to experience a 3D discord server? The free-to-play MMO, VRChat, is the perfect game to represent the online culture and the future. Imagine this; you get to make your own avatar and experience a 3D world filled with players around the world. How cool is that?! The game is completely community-driven that allows the players to create their own custom content. You get to talk to strangers through voice chat, play different games, and enjoy yourself with your new mates. VR chat is especially perfect for times like this when we're all stuck at home due to the pandemic. The immersive design of the world is definitely worth experiencing and will not disappoint you in any way.

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds

Battle Royale games have been getting very popular in the gaming community, with PUBG staying on top since its release in 2017. You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard about it. PUBG is one of the few games that even non-gamers like to play. Not only is it great for playing with your friends, but is also exceptional when it comes to new mates. Countless PUBG players have shared how they made good friends on the platform and the memories they share with them are inexpressible. Just think about it, you are in a car with your new buddies, shooting down people and winning the first spot. Feels amazing, right? The experience will be much better than what you imagined just now. Give the game a shot if you haven't already, and I promise you won't regret it.


Do you like FPS games but don't know which one would be good for making new friends? Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer FPS game with brilliant graphics and outstanding gameplay. The game itself is pretty impressive but gets more addicting once you play it with your friends. Playing with strangers, struggling, and getting through a difficult match together is one of the best feelings ever. After such an experience, you end becoming great friends with a deep understanding of each others playstyle. The game offers a variety of roles to play, so you can coordinate with your new mates and choose the role that fits you best. Overall, Overwatch will provide you with the best possible FPS experience along with long-term pals to play with.

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