Build a Website for Free with 5 Easy Steps

Build a Website for Free with 5 Easy Steps
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Are you looking to launch your first business website? Have you been quoted an array of prices by specialist developers? As recently as 2017, Forbes magazine advised that you should never spend a significant sum on building a website - but what if you could do it for free?

Gone are the days when you needed supreme coding skills or a hefty bank balance to get your website off the ground. With an exciting and intuitive new website building platform from Boxmode, you can build a website for free with just five simple steps. Follow the instructions below, and you'll be welcoming all comers to your site in no time at all.   

1) Open an account with Boxmode

First thing's first - you'll need to pay a visit to and set up an account. Don't worry: the Starter version of Boxmode's website building platform is completely free of charge, so you can build a simple website, and if you need more features - upgrade to the paid plan..

What's more, you'll also get the ability to link your existing domain name to your new Boxmode website, as well as 1GB of free storage and ticketed support to ensure you don't run into any problems. Plus, you'll also get...

2) Choose a tempting template

... access to a wide range of attractive templates, specifically designed to cater to a wide number of commercial sectors and niches. Browse through their entire selection and pick the one that seems most appropriate to your circumstances.

Given that first impressions are all important when it comes to wowing visitors to your site, you'll want to choose one that really catches the eye. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from, all of which have been created to the highest standards.

3) Personalise with widgets

The next step to making your website stand out from the competition is personalizing it with your own unique touches. Boxmode makes that process incredibly simple with the use of drag-and-drop widgets, which can easily be positioned into the place that you want them to appear on your site.

For more experienced coders, a code editor function will soon be released. . This will allow you to edit JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code directly from the edito, tweaking the website until it looks just right.

4) Populate with content

In the world of digital marketing, content is king. Did you know that content costs 62% less than traditional forms of marketing but generates around three times as many leads? You simply can't afford to miss out on that kind of promotional firepower.

As well as videos and images, the written content is always useful, especially in the form of SEO-rich blogs, articles, and FAQs. You can use Boxmode's top-of-the-range toolbox to optimize your SEO strategy and achieve better rankings in search engines.

5) Analyse to improve

The cardinal rule when it comes to business - don't rest on your laurels. You should be continually striving to better your performance online, measuring yourself against KPIs and identifying weak points on your site.

This can be achieved through the use of any data analytics program. Fortunately, Boxmode is compatible with a wide range of platforms, meaning you can access the key facts and figures about your site with the minimum of effort.

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