Google Play Store Rolls Out A New Feature That Lets You Know Which Apps Rising Up the Chart

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see which app sees the most significant surge in terms of download counts. Android users can now view which apps rising up and falling off the Google Play Store chart in a new update. 

Users are now free to access this information because Google Play Store shows an arrow moving up or moving down in the top app list. Of course, an arrow pointing up indicates that the app is seeing a spike in downloads over hours, while the other tells you the exact opposite. 

To access the information, open the Google Play Store app and tap on 'Top' charts from the top row of tabs. From there, you are able to see the most trending apps to the least popular. The list goes all the way until number 597. 

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Most Downloaded Apps

Up to this writing (1/18), Signal Private Messenger is crowned as the most trending app on Google Play Store. Many are looking to migrate to other apps after a series of controversies regarding WhatsApp's newest privacy policies that force users to share their data with Facebook. 

Fortunately, Signal is one of them, especially after Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk endorsed them on Twitter. Several other essential high-profiles, including Edward Snowden, also use Signal as their go-to private messaging app. Signal skyrockets up to 4,200% in downloads, as Business Insider reported.

Another app to see a surge in downloads is Telegram, which currently placed the second after Signal on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The fully-encrypted messaging service experienced a 91% increase with 9 million downloads between January 6 to January 10. 

Zoom, a popular teleconferencing app, is the third. As people are stuck at working and studying from home amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become one of the best go-to apps around when it comes to teleconferencing. 

MeWe, a Chinese-based social media app, is number four, followed by TikTok, DuckDuck Go Privacy Browser, and Disney+, respectively. Google Pay is placed eighth, discovery+ is the ninth, and Cash App is the tenth. 

Rival Stats

On the other hand, it's Telegram Messenger who tops the chart of the most trending apps on the Apple Play Store. At the same time, Signal comes as fourth, as noted from SimilarWeb. TikTok remains one of the most downloaded apps by placing the second, followed by YouTube in the third position. 

Surprisingly, Google and Facebook products are still dominating the 6th until 10th positions. Instagram is the sixth, Facebook is the seventh, Messenger is the eighth, Snapchat is the ninth, and Gmail by Google is the tenth.

WhatsApp plummeted to number 20th. Unfortunately, should WhatsApp's bosses fail to address and tackle the privacy issue, it's safe to expect more numbers to migrate to other apps in the upcoming days and weeks. 

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