Bloodhound Supersonic Car Project Now Up for Sale According to Current Owner

Bloodhound Supersonic Car
Photo : Screenshot from Bloodhound LSR's Official YouTube Channel

Bloodhound's supersonic car project has now been declared for sale by its current owner. Offers from various sectors, organizations, companies, and other entities could just arrive soon to purchase the overall rights and plan for it.

The report about the supersonic car's latest deal being available in the market today was mentioned by BBC. Its current owner and chief executive officer (CEO) Ian Warhurst has stated that upon the drive testing being done with the current project which ended with a result of above 600 miles per hour performance has somewhat dubbed the Bloodhound supersonic car to be a less risky car. Yet, he also added that it may also be the time that it must already go to a new owner and take the driver's seat of operating the car itself.

Bloodhound Supersonic Car's Price

As per the estimation of the CEO himself, it could be priced at around 8 million pounds, or almost 11 million in USD. Although Warhurst has then admitted that he cannot further continue the project, noting that he cannot put any more of his own money to fund and support the project, which has then brought to his action of formally selling it and pass on to another owner who could support and fund the overall development of the supersonic car.

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Along the actual purchase of the project, the owner which could go on with the deal and grab the opportunity to buy and own it would also be able to control and manage the holding company responsible for the continuity of the project, namely the Grafton LSR Ltd - the primary owner of the Bloodhound LSR project.

Yet as assured by the current CEO himself, Warhurst has implied and guaranteed that the supersonic car project "will never be broken up," in which it was an already established threat being entailed with the project way back 2018 when he was the one during that time who somehow rescued and provided assistance and support for the project to go on.

The Supersonic Car's Potential 

Some of the supersonic car's potential being tested for so long is its capability to reach and amount of up to 800 miles per hour in car performance. This thing could be achieved through fixing the thrust of the car on top the nine tonnes being injected on it, as well as the other five to six tonnes to cap off the power it could receive from the equipped Eurofighter jet engine on it as well.

Another one was being reported by Ars Technica, which mentioned that a monopropellant rocket that was developed by Norwegian aerospace and defense company Nammo will be the other option or source of its unwavering power that could make it a supersonic one. Yet Warhurst also backed this with a statement that it could only be possible to test it along with the Bloodhound supersonic car by allotting another 11 million USD, which is an additional funding slate just for the development stage of the car. 

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